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Nukeproof's 2021 Giga Line Has Finally Dropped

Remember last year when little bikes were all the craze? Less travel but slack angles. In fact, we just published a review pitting two such bikes against one another. Well, since that market has been appeased, the industry can start paying attention to the long-travel crowd again. Meet the newest, biggest rig on the block, the Nukeproof Giga. Depending on wheel size, either 27.5-inch or 29-inch, it's a 180mm/170mm (respectively) rear travel brawler that is aimed at taking on anything that dare stand in its way. Let's dig into the particulars.


  • Full carbon fiber frame only
  • 29- and 27.5-inch wheel options
  • 170mm/180mm rear wheel travel (respective wheel size)
  • 180mm travel fork
  • Horseshoe driven linkage design, like Dissent models
  • Adjustable suspension progression via flip-switch
  • Internal cable routing
  • Water bottle and accessory mounting inside front triangle
  • Clear frame protection kit installed
  • Small through XX-Large sizes
  • Threaded bottom bracket
  • Boost 148 rear spacing with 12mm through axle
  • Measured weight (size large, no pedals): 33.69 pounds (15.28kg)
  • MSRP $5,499 USD (as tested)

2021 Nukeproof Giga Factory (size large) $5,499

What's more than Mega? Giga. What's more than enduro? Super-enduro. As the modifier may indicate, the Giga is designed to tackle the sort of terrain that may trip up even an enduro bike. The suspension kinematics are designed to make it lively on the trail and can even be fine-tuned for a more progressive ride. There is a fine line between point-and-shoot and just plowing. Nukeproof states the Giga is more the former than the latter. Due to an issue with customs, Vital has only recently taken possession of our own test bike, so we aren't ready to confirm Nukeproof's claims. Based on our impressions with the Mega 290, we're eager to get this on trail. After all, more of something good is surly better. Right?


Our particular test bike is the Giga Factory model, the top shelf offering from Nukeproof that retails at $5,499. We also opted for the 27.5-inch wheel version. Handling suspension duties is a FOX Factory 38 fork with 180mm of travel while rear suspension is a FOX Factory Float X2, also delivering 180mm of travel. A Shimano XT 12-speed drivetrain is mated to XT 4-piston brakes and the expected 203mm rotors. We were pleased to see the Bike Yoke Divine dropper as a piece of OE spec. DT Swiss E1700 wheels on Spline 30 hubs and 2.4-inch Michelin Wild Enduro tires take care of the round parts and Nukeproof's house brand finishes off the cockpit. Much like the Mega 290 RS we tested, the Giga Factory is a force to be reckoned with in the price department.



Much like the new Mega 290 and 275 bikes, the Giga can hold a water bottle and has an accessory mount inside the front triangle. The Giga's frame has some incredible molding to make the bottle fit. Though a custom bottle cage is needed, it is supplied with the bike.


Riders wanting to fine-tune the suspension characteristics of the Giga will have the option to alter the rear suspensions progression curve via a small flip-chip on the non-driveside pivot.

The process is described as such: 

  1. With the bike on the ground, use an 8mm Allen key to loosen the non-drive-side main pivot axle one full turn. (Counter clockwise)
  2. Now use your finger to push the progression lever from one position to the next. Note that the lever should either point straight up or straight down.
  3. Once the lever is in the new position re-tighten (Clockwise) the main pivot axle to the torque as specified on the end of the axle.



"The suspension is designed to be super supple off the top, whilst being supportive in the mid stroke and progressive throughout the rest of the travel. The anti-squat is optimized to ensure the Giga descends like a hooligan yet behaves itself on the climb back to the top for the next run." - Nukeproof

Giga Leverage Ratios. The two lines represent the flip switch positions. Grey being the more progressive
Giga forces chart

"The suspension platform is based on the same horseshoe driven linkage as our award-winning Dissent downhill frame, albeit now with a 2-stage main pivot flip chip. Using an eccentric axle system, riders can alter the Kinematic progression, so the bike can be tailored to suit the conditions on the trail with only an 8mm Allen key." - Nukeproof

Setting 1 = 25.5% progression

Setting 2 = 29% progression.

Yes, you can run a coil shock!


"Both settings are designed to be supple at the beginning for small bump compliance. They also both have good mid-stroke support for better cornering and pumping. Like the Dissent, the progression drops off in the end stroke to prevent mid-stroke harshness or spiking and allows more tuning options with volume spacers.

The + Progressive setting can be used to add shock progression on a coil set up just like adding a volume spacer to an air shock. The added suppleness is also good in wet and slippery conditions." - Nukeproof

Geometry and Sizing

Geometry on the Giga is what you would expect to find on a rig designed with this much travel and focus on ripping down the mountain. Regardless of wheel size, a 63.5-degree head angle leads the charge on the new Giga. Reach numbers are in the longer, but not "out there" category, with 475mm/480mm for a size large 29er and 27.5-inch model (respectively). Though chainstay lengths are the same across all sizes, they do vary between wheel sizes, 435mm for little wheels and 445mm for 29-inch wheels. Keeping the same on both wheel sizes but changing from small/medium to large/x-large/xx-large is the seat tube angle. Smaller frames have a 77.5-degree effective seat tube angle and larger sizes steepen up by half a degree to 78-degrees. Full sizes and specs are below.

2021 Giga Size Chart


Nukeproof Giga 275 (27.5-inch) Geometry

Nukeproof Giga 290 (29-inch) Sizing


The 2021 Giga comes in three build kits, each of them available in a 27.5- or 29-inch wheel configuration, and all of them carbon. A frame-only option is also available.

2021 Nukeproof Giga Comp - $3,699


Comp - $3,699: The entry point to the Giga complete range. The Comp features suspension from the awesome new RockShox ZEB fork and custom tuned Super Deluxe shock combined with Shimano’s bulletproof Deore 12-speed drive train and powerful 4 pot brakes. All finished with Nukeproof Neutron dependable finishing kit. All Giga models are tubeless ready with pre-taped rims and Michelin’s Wild Enduro tires as standard.

2021 Nukeproof Giga Elite - $4,599


Elite - $4,499: Mid-tier model, featuring the brand new FOX 38 Performance Elite Series (Grip 2) fork and a custom tuned Float X2 EVOL shock. Dependable and crisp shifting is from Shimano’s SLX 12-speed drive with stopping power from the SLX 4 pot brakes. To complete the build it’s rolling on DT Swiss 1700 wheels with our premium Horizon finishing kit.

Vital's Test Bike - 2021 Nukeproof Giga Factory - $5,499


Factory - $5,499: The Premium build in the Giga range. The Factory Comes with the Factory specification Kashima coated FOX 38 fork and custom tuned X2 Factory shock. Crisp, direct and reliable shifting from the Shimano XT 12-speed drive train and complimentary powerful 4 pot Shimano XT brakes. Also featured is the awesome Bike Yoke dropper post (drop depends on bike size) and the ultra-strong DT 1700 wheelset. As with the Elite, the finishing kit is from our award-winning Horizon range.

Frame Only - $2,599: Options come complete with Nukeproof Headset (fitted) and seat clamp with a custom tuned Fox Factory series X2 shock and Sram Maxle.

Get more information on pricing and availability at and keep it locked here on Vital MTB for our forthcoming review of the all-new Giga!


Giga in action, who's ready to ride?!

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