New BOS Forks and Shocks from Eurobike 16

BOS hasn't gone anywhere and they have some high-tech suspension products they're showing off at Eurobike.

BOS Obsys Inverted DH Fork

The new BOS Obsys is an inverted DH fork designed to alleviate some of the small performance issues they’ve found with a traditional dual crown fork. They cited improved braking and control as a result of more stiffness and improved bushing overlap. There’s a large amount of torsional stiffness derived from the extra surface area of the clamping zones, 42mm diameter stanchions, and the new Boost 20x110mm axle. For those unfamiliar with the 20mm Boost design, it allows hub manufacturers to create a wider flange spacing for a stiffer front wheel. A disc brake spacer is required for use with a traditional 20mm wheel.

One interesting feature on the fork is the ability to adjust the main air spring and a preload air spring using independent air valves. The preload air spring helps adjust where the fork rides in its travel. The fork’s spring and damping cartridge are removable for easy service and it features low-speed compression and rebound adjustments.

You’ll also find the rebound and hydraulic bump stops with orifices to progressively control the actions of the fork at the extreme ends of its. The Obsys is 27.5 and 29-inch wheel compatible running 220mm of travel in 27.5 mode and 200mm in 29er mode as a spacer limits the travel.

Also unique to the Obsys is the ability to adjust the offset from the stock 56mm setting. The adjustment in the crown provides +/- 3mm of offset to tune for rider and trail preferences.

BOS Deville 35 AM Fork

The new BOS Deville 35 AM is a price-point version of the Deville 35, bringing the fork to a wider audience. Differences from Deville 35 include a three-position SMH damper, which is an uncharged cartridge design that’s quick to adjust. The fork uses the same air spring as standard Deville 35 and is adjustable using insertable plastic spacers to customize the ride feel.

BOS Syors Coil Shock

The BOS Syors coil shock is made for enduro and DH applications and is available in standard, Metric, and limited trunion sizes to fit a wide variety of bikes. The shock features a kick valve dual-compression circuit which is a second circuit specific to high-speed hits. BOS is making two versions – one with a lever for easier on-trail pedaling adjustment and one without. The shock features a new compression piston design derived from BOS motocross applications. The red spring is a new lightweight spring design which drops the overall weight of the shock a bit.

Bounce over to for all the details on these sexy squishy bits.

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