Exclusive 2017 DH World Champion Interviews 9

Sven Martin gets candid with Loic Bruni, Miranda Miller, Myriam Nicole, as well as Mick and Tracey Hannah, in this Vital audio special from World Champs.

Exclusive 2017 DH World Champion Interviews

The 2017 UCI Mountain Bike DH World Championships are in the books with Loic Bruni and Miranda Miller earning the rainbow stripes in Cairns, Australia. Vital's main man on the ground, Sven Martin, speaks with the winners, their mechanics and also Myriam Nicole and Mick and Tracey Hannah in this special for our podcast channel. Stay tuned for the race day slideshow and the return of The Inside Line podcast this week.


Mick and Tracey Hannah.

  • fun house

    9/11/2017 1:41 PM

    Anyone else having issues loading the interview? It was working at home but I decided to delay and listen to it from work, but the entire player won't load. Onto the slideshow for now!


    9/11/2017 1:06 PM

    The post-race photo of the Hannah siblings is one of the great downhill race pics of all time. It will get better with age, like Lemond after the '85 Paris Roubaix.

  • grambo

    9/11/2017 10:38 AM

    Also respect to Tracey, that was a really hard crash (as she confirmed, she hit her head)... not really fair of Warner/Claudio to be questioning why she didn't instantly jump to her feet and get back on the bike. It wasn't a simple slide out like Sam Hill in 2008, she went down hard.

  • Rdot84

    9/11/2017 10:52 AM

    It's not so much questioning her as a matter of fairness. The point was made that if she had got back up quickly she would have more than likely been on the top step. Despite the gnarly crash and the time spent composing herself she still almost won it. That's impressive

  • grambo

    9/11/2017 10:01 AM

    Awesome race content guys. Thanks for everything in the 2017 season, you really stepped it up and are providing more depth than the other mtb websites.

  • zuman

    9/10/2017 8:59 PM

    always great bonus stuff from vital, thanks guys

  • phillemaistre

    9/10/2017 8:00 PM

    Please keep publishing content like this. Give the Silverback whatever he asks for.

  • sideshow

    9/10/2017 6:28 PM

    I think these audios are almost more important than the photos in a way. It's a wonderful added bit of context, from which both fans and riders alike can benefit.

  • ThomDawson

    9/10/2017 12:44 PM

    Superb. Great content as ever Vital

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