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Pro Bike Check: Bas van Steenbergen's Hyper

It's not for sale just yet, but Bas van Steenbergen has been shredding his proto-production Hyper DH sled for the past couple of months, and he's down in Queenstown putting it through the wringer. After seeing his phone edits on Instagram, we asked if he'd be up for a bike check to give the people a better look at the bike.

From what we can see, it's slack and low and ready to go. Bas enjoys how balanced and stable it feels, which makes sense as he was able to help layout the geometry of this new machine. While the uninitiated might see it as a simple suspension design, there is actually something quite interesting going on around the bottom bracket with some very stealth links compactly tucked in. Granted, Bas is an exceptional rider with broad abilities, but after watching him ride it in person as we cruised to the different shooting spots, we had to give it a hoon. Check it out!

Mini Horns and the chrome machine.
Fast sitting still.

Huck Yeah! Whips are hard to beat.

Hero Dirt means corners don't explode, but man can you hit 'em hard.
Corning hard enough to get front wheel drift? Check.
Dark woods and root gaps, the real deal!
Gapping into one of the roughest sections on the hill. Casual.

Whip ender in the other direction!


Knuckleduster grips from Deity for deathgripping at Fest Series.
Deity Blacklabel bars and Saint brakes with 203mm rotors to keep everything under control.

Skyline was here.

Your view.
Bas' view.
Clean decals.
Fresh front because it's steep in Queenstown, rear tires are the ones that get chewed up in a weekend.
Tight ratios from Shimano, clearly for going fast.
Saints for the big jumps and DX's to keep the steez in place.
Blackspire for when the going gets rough.
Clean and smart cable routing.
Tucked away and tidy caliper placement.
Stack and stanchion height.
Deity Intake 31.8mm stem, 50mm length.

Ride or Die (hey Vital Gear Club members, wink, wink) and super clean welds.

Seamless CNC'd rocker link.
Not your average design!

Very cool link layout! Hopefully Mr. Blackmore's Corner can put together some graphs on this one!

@skylinemtb was insane after the rain yesterday!! @vaeaverbeeck ?

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