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Can I have some more please?

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Thanks Iceman!

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sounds like a lot left to polish up but this is just the beginning of gearbox trail bikes. if it were me, this would be the perfect application for electronic shifting because the grip shift would piss me off. also I didnt realize how much slop a gear box had before engagement, would be more interested if that got tightened up a bit.

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I think the riders won it.

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unfortunately that would drive the cost of each box up to like $9,999.

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i would imagine how he rides a trail bike vs a dh bike informs that to some extent

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WC Vital Raw is back!! Couldn't be happier...

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i always forget about eagle; i need to ride there this year. trails are already getting blown out and loose sandy here in the front range.

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if they drug test in enduro, rat boy will quit that as well hah

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they sure are trying to spend a lot of time justifying this track as legitimate.

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So we have come back around to elastomers? Ha! Actually this 'seems' to be a great idea. Curious on a test.

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They’re both exactly as nuts as one another. Because maths?

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the famous JRA warranty in action. "I was just riding along and my ax wielding girlfriend came after me"