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Added reply in a thread Will Lack of MTB Products Make You Ride More Cautiously? 5/5/2021 1:28 PM

To me, chain is the one wear item that is getting scarce. Search "12spd chain" and it's slim but you are correct not impossible to find (yet).

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So it looks like the stanchion plane and the head tube plane are not parallel. Presumably this is to create variable offset during fork compression which could result in near-constant mechanical trail. (i.e. on a standard fork as you go through travel ... more »

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You forgot Williams had a flywheel based kers system. I'm thinking if you had a fixie hub and a frame mounted gearbox with a flywheel engaged via a handlebar button. On the downs you could hold the button to spin the flywheel up, then when you get to ... more »

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Looks like a new lower, possibly a 34, but my detective skills are only at Mr. Bean level sooo...

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Caught my eye scrolling the Vitalmx pit bits

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This is both true and false. Yes, mtb suspension has to be very precise due to the direct connection the rider has to the bike. Without a motor to muddy the water with a bunch of vibrations most riders can feel any sloppiness in the suspension. This ... more »

Liked a comment on the item Unlike Anything Else - Trust Shout Linkage Fork Reviewed 1/31/2020 12:50 PM

Hey Lee,

One question, did you pay for the fork? Any relationship with the company in question?

Having ridden one I can't fathom ever picking this fork over a normal fork in the 150mm+ application. In certain trail settings (120mm), I could see it being a cool alternative depending on...more

Added reply in a thread The Patent Thread - New and Wild Mountain Bike Inventions 11/8/2019 1:06 PM

With regards to the US patent office: Short Answer: No Long Answer: The USPTO used to have a "first to invent" policy where if you could prove you had the idea first, you could challenge the filing. A few years ago the USPTO went to a "first to file" ... more »

Added reply in a thread Discussion: Fork Damping vs Spring Rate 7/25/2019 9:33 AM

I'm not implying damping is position sensitive. I'm referring to the damping curve, force vs. velocity. In a progressive curve the damper builds force exponentially as the velocity increases. So at low speeds the damper is building very little force ... more »

Added reply in a thread Discussion: Fork Damping vs Spring Rate 7/24/2019 4:13 PM

I spent a bunch of time on this recently so I'll add my 2 cents. Disclosure: I work at PUSH. Lee had some pretty good bullet points and I'll echo some things already mentioned above. The spring should set your ride height (i.e. sag) and control your ... more »

Added a comment about feature Slow Motion Action of The Message Front Linkage Suspension System 1/10/2019 8:27 PM

People are saying it’s over damped but is it or are they just feeling the geometry of it? It sounds like it needs a rearward bump input to move. So in the video when he hits the log the fork absorbs the bump but then rebounds before the wheel hits the ground. The next input would be the landing which is mostly upward and is similar (but opposite) to trying to push down on the bars. So the bump is absorbed but the landing is locked out. Both of these events happen so close together that maybe it gets the feeling of being over damped? No experience on it just thinking.

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I would like to buy this bike... cash in hand! For reference I'm 6'2" and on a large 29er geometron. I love the 62 deg HA, but the reach/WB is just a bit too long. I thought about going down to a medium but I really want that Nomad/Wreckoning leverage ... more »

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Bryceland: 2:23.60

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