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Considering how land access is already an issue for ebikes this definitely isn’t helpful

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Could also be as a way to give feedback to Ohlins on how they stack up against the competition. Have no idea if that’s actually the case of if they are moving on from Ohlins but I very much doubt there isn’t cross brand testing to benchmark.

Added reply in a thread EWS Doping Thread Disappearance 11/11/2018 10:31 PM

Agree with Carll and Jimmypop. While not necessarily the MTB, there's plenty of recreational roadies around just doing local crits and such that are doped up. I know it's more of an issue in road based on history, but there's less money in a local crit ... more »

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You sure about that? I thought Palmer was only around $300K per year and he was the highest paid mountain biker up until that point in time.

Added reply in a thread 2018 Racing Rumors 12/26/2017 4:29 PM Not sure if it's embed properly but Canyon's instagram page posted a video of a rider in a redbull helmet with Fox gear whipping at what I'm pretty sure is Coast Gravity Park, looks like Finn to me.

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It comes from posts by Martin (team owner) and the CEO of YT posting cryptic messages on their instagrams which have been posted in this thread. Markus Flossman - Sometimes something has to come to an end before something wonderful new can rise. #goodtimesahead ... more »

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My understanding is that the "YT" mob is just the name of the team run by Martin Whitely because YT are currently the main sponsor, similar to gravity republic where specialized is the main sponsor, and before them it was Lapierre. Or MS with Mondraker ... more »

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This is sad news. Hopefully it makes a return one day as it was an event I've wanted to try since discovering it last year.

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Finn signed with Gravity Republic when he was a sub-junior, completing his first season with the team just as a sweep rider. He's been with the team 3 years now so his contract is up.

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Wouldn't happen for World Champs. The national teams like what Peaty used last year are for when there aren't enough uci points to qualify for a World Cup (selection criteria are different for champs). UCI points are valid for a year (from memory) so ... more »

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Please no.... There's already enough 'standards' around, don't make me have to also have tyres/rims/spokes for two different sized wheels.

Started new thread European Van Life 4/13/2017 1:54 AM

Finished university last year, been working the standard 9-5 for the past 6 months and already regretting not taking a gap year between school/university to live the bike bum lifestyle somewhere like Whistler or Queenstown. I've been lucky enough to ... more »

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Loris officially off of specialized for

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No tagging Gstaad or Scott, sign of things to come next year?
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He's part of the SRAM/TLD team this year (same team as Luca) but would assume on a smaller salary as he hasn't done the full world cup season.

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I would love to spend all of my money on a set of these. But I can't because I come from the same country Brosnan does. Which means we don't get any of the cool stuff. Thanks Specialized.

Added a comment about feature What Was on Cam Zink's TLD Helmet at Rampage? It Could Have Saved His Life 10/16/2013 5:11 PM
dirt lover

The type of impact no, the speed and force of the impact yes. Generally moto's will be travelling faster so the foam has to be harder so that way it doesn't compress too fast. Where as on a bike you'll generally be going slower, so the foam is slightly softer to allow for compression to still occur to help slow down your head. If you're using a moto helmet though, the foam is unlikely to compress on the majority of crashes resulting in little to no positive use of the helmet.

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Havn't seen a track that dusty in a while... looks sweet :D

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