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13 Bikes You Should See Before the End of the World 13

There's a lot of buzz about the world ending on 12-21-12 (that's tomorrow). Just to be safe, we've postponed the Shreddy Awards to bring you 13 bikes you should see during your last day on this planet of ours. Some are beautiful works of art, others will make you wish the end of the world would come even sooner. Enjoy.

(P.S. If the World doesn't end, the Shreddies will resume as if nothing ever happened...fingers crossed!)

1. The Evil Undead Nightmare

13 Bikes You Should See Before the End of the World

13 Bikes You Should See Before the End of the World

Chances are you've seen Ballaholyk84's insanely creative and detailed Evil in our Bike Check section, but it never hurts to see it again. If anything is going to survive the end of the world, it's this masterpiece!

2. The Santa Cruz V10c Skull Crusher

No bones about this kick ass custom paint job. Vital member, MaximumRadness takin' it above and beyond the grave!

3. Pimped Santa Cruz Jackal with Custom Sharpie Art

Don't have money for a custom paint job? No problem. A few bucks in permanent markers, some patience and creativity and you could have a bike that's as sick as Connor Charland's Santa Cruz Jackal. Way sicker than doodling on your notebook!

4. "Custom Built" Downhill Bike on Ebay

For only $600, you keep the mud out of your eyes and right on to your water bottle.

5. Cannondale Fulcrum Prototype

Myles Rockwell hit speeds on this bike that you'll never hit on your 2013 models, so something had to be kind of right. +1 for linkage guard and moto fork boots.

6. Cannondale Gemini Prototype with 2 Rear Shocks

Coil shock for big bumps, air shock for little bumps and floating brake contraption. Anne-Caroline and Cedric Gracia went pretty damn fast on this complicated, but though-out rig.

7. The Cardboard Bike

The bike is U.S. patent pending, but if the world ends, we all know borders and laws are meaningless. Plus, if you survive, you may only have cardboard to work with for your post-apocalyptic dream bike project. Film-maker & producer: Giora Kariv, Photography: Uri Ackerman.

8. Canfield Brothers Big Fat Fatty Fat

The year was 1999 and all that mattered was maximum travel for sticking huge hucks. The Canfield Brothers have come a long way, but like true innovators and explorers, they never knew what was possible until they pushed the limits.

9. Vintage GP Cycles Rad 1 DH Frame on Ebay

Stoked because of the handmade factor, scared because of the water bottle cage mounts. Only $959 and it's yours.

10. Two-wheeled Drive Bike by Tretta

I'm just going to quote Vital's iceman2058, "It’s 2012 and somebody is STILL trying to make this work...lol."

11. Monster Truck Bike

If you've planned ahead and reserved a place on the moon before the world ends, you'll need one of these.

12. Fred Flintstone Concept Bike

I wonder if this dude's balls are ready for the end of the world?

13. Steve Peat's 20th Anniversary World Champs Santa Cruz V10

photo by Duncan Philpott

photo by Sven Martin

If anyone can stop the end of the world, it's Steve Peat. We're countin' on you, buddy!