Fred Flintstone Concept Bike 9

Ever wish you could do less riding and more running on your daily bicycle commute? Neither have we. But that seems to be the idea behind the German-designed FLIZ, a new concept velocipede that nixes the pedaling and suspends its rider runner from a harness.

Credit: FLIZbike
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  • Big Bird

    8/29/2012 1:18 PM

    Don't want one thanks.

  • SchredGreen

    8/29/2012 1:17 PM

    ..and you thought saddles were bad for our manhoods..

  • Scrub

    8/29/2012 12:17 PM

    Talk about a nutsack hammock, no thanks

  • easyrider

    8/29/2012 11:19 AM

    Sorry started in 2005 ,

  • easyrider

    8/29/2012 11:17 AM

    Thid may be a new cocept to the Germans, but a Dr. in Vail Colorado had been developing and (running/riding ) his own called the RunBike for probably 10 years so this may be slightly different in design but the idea and prototypes have been around for years.

  • iceman2058

    8/29/2012 9:57 AM


  • OCsponger587

    8/29/2012 9:40 AM

    leave it to germans to take the fun out of riding a bike

  • michael.titter

    8/29/2012 9:32 AM

    Flip bike, land on head, die.

  • dick.patty

    8/29/2012 9:18 AM

    Where can I get one?

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