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2022 Devinci Spartan Carbon GX Bike
Vital Review
Overall Review
D evinci's new Spartan High Pivot (HP) launched the day our Test Sessions began. Devinci's enduro racers have been using the Spartan platform to take on the Enduro World Series for some time. It was with their feedback that the Spartan moved to a high pivot bike, still utilizing the Split Pivot design. The main focus with the Spartan HP was to make a bike that was more comfortable at speed and could still move about the mountain efficiently. Strengths Makes rough terrain disappear Cool, calm, collected confidence Pedaling efficiency is superb All the grip, all the time Weaknesses Not light All...
Posted by BHowell on 9/29/2021 12:47pm
2021 Devinci Kobain SLX 12-Speed Bike
Overall Review
T oday's full-suspension trail bikes are versatile, refined pieces of equipment. With blithe disregard, riders can approach ribbons of dirt all over the world on a single bike. What if we took a magic eraser and rubbed out that rear shock and pivots? If we left only the geometry and components attached to a rigid alloy frame, what would we have? Meet the new Devinci Kobain — simple, cost-effective, and heralding tidings of endless woodland fun. Vital has been rediscovering the roots of mountain biking in this wave of hardtail trail bikes and sought to find out if the Kobain makes good on its...
Posted by BHowell on 1/19/2021 11:46am