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WINNING BIKE - Martin Maes' GT Fury - WINNING BIKE - Martin Maes' GT Fury - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

Martin Maes makes history as the first Enduro World Series race winner to become a World Cup downhill winner. The fit, young Belgian did the stomping aboard the his new GT Fury which is a completely updated design from the GT Furies that the team had used for the last few years. The prototypes had been under the squad for most of this season, but the official launch came just a few weeks ago. The bike can be run in 29-inch or 27.5-inch wheel configuration and features a higher main pivot with idler. Martin ran 27.5-inch wheels in La Bresse. You can read all about the changes and tweaks to the Fury here.

Credit: @maddogboris

WINNING BIKE - Martin Maes' GT Fury

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