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Hey Sam Hill, What's with Your Bulge? - PIT BITS - Enduro World Series Finale - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

Sam Hill has been rocking a RockShox Super Deluxe air shock with larger negative air chamber all season apparently. What's funny is that we've never noticed it. Maybe this has been called out somewhere else and discussed ad-nausea, but we slept on the subtle modification because we must have been focusing on Sam's foot-out steeze instead.

When we posted up the photos of Sam's killer Day of the Dead Nukeproof Mega, Vital member, BaronKanon, called out the unique shock when compared to stock. We went through the EWS archives and realized that Sam had been on this shock since the first EWS race in Chile. Sam, CRC and SRAM/RockShox were in Windrock, Tennessee, earlier this year testing but the video footage from the sesh, where you can actually see the shocks, reveals stock Super Deluxe dampers.

Windrock testing screengrab. No bulge.

The thing is, Sam Hill wins the Chile EWS a few weeks later and is clearly on a Super Deluxe with that bigger negative air chamber, so our Harvard-level reverse internet engineering concludes they had to be testing them at Windrock.

Sam. Chile. Bigger bulge. photo by Sven Martin.

We love it when rad stuff slides under our noses for months on end. We also wanted an excuse to run the "Hey Sam, What's with Your Bulge" headline. Check out some more pics of Sam's bike along with some PIT BITS from Finale, too. We're doing everything we can do draw out race season to the bitter end.

Oh and Mark Scott is running this huge-canned RockShox squisher.

Credit: Boris and Sven Martin
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