DIY Commencal Supreme DH with Pinion Gearbox 14


German downhill racer, Jannick Lange doesn't just think outside of the box, he doesn't even know the box exists. Well, unless it's a gearbox. At the iXS European DH Cup in Spick, CZE, Yannick rode this Commencal Supreme DH bike that has been hand-modified to fit a Pinion gearbox drivetrain. By hand-modified, we mean the magic carpet of downhill frames was cut into pieces, and the gearbox was welded in. Not wanting to be boring or predictable, Jannick decided that activating the shock for the high-pivot rear end with a pulley system was worth a shot, too. As the rear end is compressed, a cable is tugged, pulling the RockShox Super Deluxe down. Jannick has a teaser video on his Instagram profile from November 2020 which shows some early experimentation with the pulley system. Throw in some duct tape to secure the hose-based chain silencers and you have the ultimate frankenbike.

Not only does Jannick fabricate, but he rips, too, placing 20th in the Superfinal at the Spicak iXS EDC this weekend.

Genius or madness? Either way the system is intriguing and we can't wait to see more!

Rick Schubert
A Commencal and a Gearbox Walk Into a Bar


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