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Oval chainrings are nothing new, but OneUp are putting a new twist on the concept by optimizing the "clocking" of the power zones for mountain bike riding, as well as the chainline and the number of teeth.  Will it translate to better traction out on the trail, as claimed? We'll test one and let you know how it works out.



Introducing a complete line of narrow wide oval chainrings for all 7 major mtb crank standards - 104mm BCD, 94mm Symmetrical, 96mm Symmetrical, SRAM Direct Mount, Race Face Cinch direct mount, XT M8000, and XTR M9000.

OneUp your climbing performance. Our oval design delivers smoother, more consistent torque where your tire meets the trail. This means less spinning out on loose climbs, less stalling on crux moves and ultimately less time pushing your bike up hill. Climbing never gets easier, you just get faster. The next time you need to replace your narrow wide, go oval.

Traction rings are available in a 32T for all 7 standards. Our 32T oval profile feels like a 34T chainring at the point in your pedal stroke where you have the most power and like a 30T where you're weakest. Oval rings may look a little odd, but after 5 minutes on the trail they feel completely normal.

Available now at from $52 USD



Will I see power gains switching to oval?
No, sorry to disappoint, maybe you should get an E-bike! There are lots of biomechanics studies investigating the benefits of oval and other non circular chainrings for road biking. Almost all of them focus on power gains. The reality is that the power advantages of oval rings are so minute that they can only be measured with elite level professional athletes on a turbo trainer or test track. For mountain biking the real benefit is increased climbing traction.

Should I throw away my round chainrings and convert to oval?
If it ain't broke don't fix it. Buying less stuff is key to Work Less and Ride More. But when your round chainring wears out we would highly recommend that you replace it with a OneUp Traction ring. We certainly won't go back to round.

What is the difference between Biopace and OneUp Traction rings?
The clocking of a Biopace ring is approximately 90º out from from a OneUp Traction ring. For Biopace the major axis of the oval is aligned with your dead spot (cranks vertical) and the minor axis is aligned with your power zone (cranks horizontal).


  • Perfect chainline 49mm for a quieter drivetrain with improved chain wear and best no-drop performance
  • Includes shims or bolts where required to save weight, money, time or all three
  • Aggressive crud chamfers for awesome mud shedding performance and extended ring life
  • Reinforced wide tooth design provides maximum ring durability when run without a bash
  • Machined from hard wearing 7075-T6 aluminum

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