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OneUp Components Carbon E-Handlebar
Overall Review
I f you go way back in time, like hundreds of years, you’ll find pictures of John Tomac and Myles Rockwell smashin out smooth downhill runs on rigid bikes with skinny tyres and round, flat bars. It took a long time for the handlebar to evolve from a broomstick to something that incorporated geometry - in the form of different widths, bends and rise. But even as this evolution was taking place with the handlebar going through four developments in the clamping area diameter and multiple jumps in widths, something always stayed the same - that round shape from the original broomstick. A few years...
Posted by iceman2058 on 12/13/2022 2:45am
OneUp Components EDC Threadless Carrier
Overall Review
S toring tools in the cockpit seems like a pretty straightforward thing, but there’s a lot going on in this area of the bike and the good old starnut has been getting in the way of progress here. OneUp Components ’ “Every Day Carry” or “EDC” system has been around for a good few years already by now, and it’s gone through several different iterations in that time. The first version required you to tap out a thread in the steerer tube of your fork, which was in fact a very elegant way of solving the problem although many people would hesitate to make that kind of modification to their fork (not...
Posted by iceman2058 on 4/15/2021 4:09am