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HUNT All-Mountain Carbon H_Impact Wheelsets
Vital Review
Overall Review
Founded by a team of passionate cyclists looking to “make a product they felt wasn’t available on the market,” Hunt Wheels has been around since 2015. Initially focused on the road bike segment the brand has broadened its scope to cover other disciplines and has gained a good reputation as a manufacturer of affordable quality wheels. The Hunt team has also expanded into other market segments, with Privateer Bikes (MTB frames and whole bikes), Cairn (e-adventure bikes), and Dissent 133 (gloves) all part of the same family under The Rider Firm umbrella. Curious to put their goods to the test, we...
Posted by iceman2058 on 11/15/2022 5:22am
Roval Control SL Team LTD Wheelset
Overall Review
When opening this box for the first time, we grabbed the front wheel first and went “damn that’s a crazy light wheel”, then we pulled out the second wheel and went “well looks like Specialized sent us two front wheels”. Then we looked a bit closer and found that thing where the cassette sits, sure enough it was a rear wheel but it was so light that we thought it was a second front wheel. Pretty crazy! Strengths Weaknesses Feathery light Wide, very supportive rim profile Top-level puncture resistance Quick and responsive all around Rim finish tends to crack and peel Rough bearings after a month...
Posted by yonatan.yatom on 9/25/2020 9:14am