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Shimano XTR M9200

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10/25/2021 5:41 AM

Anyone have any info on when it may be coming? With Dura Ace R9200 now released I'd have thought a new XTR should be next?

Surely 12 speed Di2 is on the cards?!


10/25/2021 7:24 AM

i'm sure 12 spd di2 is being worked on for xtr, as historically when they roll it out to an mtb platform its done after its launched on a road platform - as was just done with the new dura ace di2. whether or not they'd do an all new xtr grouppo (eg M9200) or simply add it to the existing M9100 grouppo I'm not sure.

i'm still wondering when new saint will be released. the current iteration is around 9 years old, and is the longest a shimano grouppo has gone unchanged (including road).


10/25/2021 7:35 AM

Exactly... Anyone know why a 12 speed M9150 Di2 was never released? Maybe they were waiting for the development of the semi-wireless tech now seen in the R9200 Dura Ace - would make a really simple build for a MTB with only a rear derailleur.


10/25/2021 9:18 AM

Shimano is likely still licking their wounds a bit after the 12spd release/supply issues/scylence hub issues they had when XTR was released and won't release a top tier group without having everything perfect this time around. I also don't think Shimano is feeling pushed into rushing an electric mtb group since they have a much larger "Bread and butter" pool than SRAM does, they have completely different economy's. They aren't millions of X5 derailleurs coming on entry level mountain and commuter bikes, those are Acera derailleurs. Shimano doesn't need XTR to sell to make money, so when it's perfect they'll release it.

I'd also guess that based on saints age and that they clearly have working product on race bikes, they're close to having that group done and XTR hasn't crested it's way on to a team bike yet. If they had a semi production proto yet it would have been at the Olympics. Although who knows, maybe it's extra super stealthy this time. I'd say XTR will be after saint, whenever that's released.


10/26/2021 10:26 AM

Although Dura-Ace and Ultegra Di2 were announced, it's incredibly difficult to find any stock. My local shop has one 'priority'/showcase Ultegra groupset coming this month but if they wanted to order another groupset it wouldn't be here until next year at some point (this is in Canada and my LBS isn't a very road-focussed shop). Dura-Ace is allegedly worse on the timeline and very few groupsets will be available until next summer-ish. Even on an OEM level, I have heard some 2022 bikes with Ultegra 11 speed are being upgraded to 12 speed Di2, but that won't happen for Dura-Ace until early next year. Other websites have also mentioned that some WorldTour road teams don't have 12 speed yet and are concerned about stock for next year's bikes. I wouldn't be surprised to see more teams adopt other groupsets or add Ultegra groupsets to their bikes like the women's road world champion has.

All that to say: if Shimano have this big of a delay for road groupsets (which is probably a larger part of their business now than MTcool I doubt they have much capacity to make a significant amount of XTR/XT Di2 until mid-2022 at the earliest.