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Replacing my XC Shoes

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5/13/2022 7:37 AM

Looking for some opinions or shoe options I've missed.

Currently sporting an obnoxious pair of orange/reflective lava Giro VR90s that have served me well for the last 5 years. Maybe I'm behind the fashion and tech curve, but I would like to stay with laces. I've had a spotty history with boa's, but the market for lace-y xc shoes is apparently shrinking and the ones that are laces seem to be heavily marketed as gravel shoes. (Sworks recon lace for example)

I'm not saying they need to be gaudy and ridiculous colors, but it is a bonus. I could get another pair of VR90s but they're super boring colors with what's available on the interwebs in my size. Or do I need to GTF over myself and move on with the times and go to something with boas and straps?

Some of the newer options I've been looking at:
Fizik X3 Overcurve
Fixik Vento Ferox
Lake MX219
Spesh Recon 3


5/13/2022 8:09 AM

The Specialized Recon 3 is a great shoe. Been thrashing on mine now for 3 seasons.

There is a reason that non Specialized sponsored pros regularly get Specialized shoes and get them debranded...


5/13/2022 8:35 AM

'Round these parts we don't call them hot dogs. We call them weenies. Of if we're in more of a formal setting we call them wieners. Sorry I have nothing to contribute to a discussion about xc shoes.


5/13/2022 9:04 AM

I have been wearing Recon's for years now. Never any complaints. Room enough for ATAC cleats without modification, which is a plus


5/13/2022 9:27 AM

NorCalNomad wrote:

The Specialized Recon 3 is a great shoe. Been thrashing on mine now for 3 seasons.

There is a reason that non Specialized ...more

I've been using spesh 2FOs for a long time. I gutted the VR90s and replaced with specialized insoles and varus wedges for my freakishly high arches and would likely have to do the same to any other pair of shoes I bought.


5/13/2022 11:21 AM

I wear the same shoes (VR90s). They're the only ones I've been happy with, so I consistently search eBay for them in my size and pick them up when new or slightly used ones pop-up for a bargain. They're not perfect –– on some I've had the inner, forefoot rubber lugs rip off –– but they are the most comfortable I've found.

Although marketed as a gravel shoe, the Quoc Gran Tourer has been one that's piqued my interest.


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5/13/2022 8:45 PM

If you want something less stiff I really like giro rumbles. Go to in my rigid ss days. Comfortable with reasonable weight and solid protection.


5/14/2022 1:16 AM

Another vote for Recons. I have the s-works version and they’re the best pedalling shoes I’ve come across.