Unique Spoke Lacing in These Custom Handbuilt Carbon Wheels from Colorado

Over his career, former pro Jamas Stiber destroyed dozens or maybe hundreds of wheels. Seeking to find a solution to the problems he was having, including breaking spokes from time to time, Jamas set out to create the best wheel he possibly could. His solution involves multiple spoke gauges and nipple materials strategically placed to customize the ride and balance forces within the wheel. 8150 refers to this as Truth Lace Technology which is now patent pending. In this design, "drive pulse spokes" are a smaller gauge with an aluminum nipple to help save weight, because these spokes don't see a large amount of force, and "brake pulse spokes" are a larger gauge with brass nipples, which helps keep things from winding up as drastically under heavy braking loads.

The rim features a high-modulus, T700 carbon material and offers a 36-mm internal width, a hookless rim bead and weighs 460 grams per rim. The rims also feature 3mm offset spoke hole drilling to help minimize dish.

8150 custom builds wheels for every order which includes a discussion about the customer's preferences with regards to how they like their wheels to ride. The design takes into account various factors including an evolution of ideas to better accommodate disc brakes, the forces incurred in a wheelset, and dishing. For more information about 8150 wheels, visit 8150wheels.com. The company is based in Colorado, USA, and has set sights high for things to come.

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  • Boushie_Built

    9/22/2017 7:38 PM

    It's clear that a lot of thought has been put into how drive and braking forces affect wheel performance. I like the idea of using a variation of spoke guages. Even for maintenance, I'm not really concerned with having three spare spokes instead of one if the riding performance is improved. If I buy these then I'm probably having a shop maintain my bike anyway Otherwise, I would just build my own to wheelset to start. The idea of having both brass and aluminum nipples is interesting and totally acceptable if a wheel is laced appropriately and not so tight that it explodes when you take a hit. It seems like a cherry on top from a weight perspective, but not a driver to buy or not buy. I'm sure that 8150 would be happy to offer a full brass wheelset to those who have that requirement. The market as well as rider preference is moving toward a wider rim. This is on the larger size, but will certainly reduce the roll-over on a 2.4-2.6 tire, which is becoming the new normal. It's a great entry into the market. Good luck guys!

  • chasejj

    9/22/2017 7:14 AM

    Ohhhh........the truth as in X3?
    I build mine almost exactly the same but find that having a single size and guage spoke is way better in the long run for the occasional broken spoke replacement. How much weight change comes from the 16 alu nipples vs. brass. Just run all aluminum.. As long as your tensions are fairly even and reasonable . No issues from running them all in aluminum. BTW- Those rims look suspiciously like Nextie Alligators.

  • adrennan

    9/22/2017 8:14 AM

    havent there been some weird issues with aluminum nipples on carbon rims? or is that aluminum on aluminum? also the article very much reads that the rims are outsourced. if someone is doing carbon in north america, that is typically the first sentence.

  • dtimms33

    9/22/2017 8:19 AM

    Careful chasejj - They have a patent pending on the lacing of wheels!!

  • DHsteeze

    9/22/2017 12:37 PM

    Never EVER use aluminum nipples for any wheel build ever. As a professional ,mechanic I will tell you that alu nipples are one of the worst inventions in the bike industry. They ALWAYS eventually round out and eventually break while truing. They can't handle actually being adjusted. Brass nipples are the only way to go if you actually want your wheels to last.


    9/22/2017 6:01 AM

    Different spokes and nipples... Who's arsed?

  • DHsteeze

    9/22/2017 12:38 PM

    It's actually more important than you might think aluminum ones totally suck. Always use brass nipples for a wheel to last.

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