A Santa Cruz 5010 and a Norco Fluid go mulleting, we look at the Alpinestars Missile Tech full-face helmet and plenty more in this week's Vital Gear Show.

Happy Holidays Vital MTBers! On today's Gear Show. We have a special guest with us as we cover Vital's trail bike mullet/69er/mixed wheel size experiment where we rode a Santa Cruz 5010 27.5 bike with a 29-inch front wheel and a Norco Fluid 29er with 27.5-inch rear wheel. We check out Alpinestars’ brand new Missile Tech full-face helmet, a long-term impression of PNW’s Rainer IR dropper, e*thirteen Base pedals and more. This week was all about mountain bike racers and teams breaking up so they don’t have to buy each other gifts this holiday season.


Contents of this Vital Gear Show

  • 00:56 - MTB Team News with riders and brands breaking up
  • 1:54 - Vital Bike of the Day - Forbidden Druid
  • 2:14 - Raffle and Dream Build for - #ROUGHAF
  • 2:52 - PNW Rainer IR Dropper Post and Loam Lever
  • 3:32 - e*thirteen Base pedal trail-side tech
  • 5:23 - New Alpinestars Missle Tech full-face helmet
  • 8:15 - We weigh 8 different pairs of flat pedals
  • 8:55 - Mullet / 69er / Mixed Wheelsize Trail Bike Experiment
  • 21:03 - Kyle Warner's take on the mixed wheel size bike

Vital Flat Pedal Face-Off

Vital Gear Club

Santa Cruz 5010 in the mullet experiment

Dual 27.5 with 150mm-travel Suntour Auron
69er with 140mm RockShox Pike
69er with Trust Message

Norco Fluid in the mullet experiment

Dual 29
69er setup


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