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We're in the heat of fright season with Halloween right around the corner, so what better way to get into the spirit of scare than to look at 12 bikes that will give you nightmares.

The Forkless Bike - FL-01 Outset


Dr. Octagon had that song called Half Shark Alligator Half Man. That's pretty much what this is.

The V10 Fat Bike


As seen at Eurobike a few years ago, this thing still haunts us as most fat bikes do.  We definitely think that this is a bike @mtbsatan would use as his daily driver.

These Contraptions

Your taint will thank you.

The Coolest While Terrifying or Tetanus Bike

photo by Devon Balet

Heck yes!

The Gary Fisher Pro-Issue DH Bike from the Late 90's


Somehow Michael Ronning and Scott Sharples (who used this same frame with a Trek paint job) successfully raced these top tube monsters and never ended up in the local boys choir.

Scott Octane DH Bike with Moto Saddle Extension


If the bottom bracket height doesn't scare you maybe the 1.75 shocks, 1.9 seat posts and 1.5 seats will.

The Trek 9000 aka Trek Trampoline


Even though it didn't work well, we all wanted one. It's tough being the guinea pig sometimes.

Redalp Team DH


This may not frighten and offend like a Faces of Death movie, but it should freak you out as much as an old Friday the 13th.

Krutor Hrotor


This one-off bike from the Czech brand Krutor is actually pretty f'ing rad. It took 3 years to develop and was completed in 2005. According to their site it features a planetary gear inside the frame. Props to them for trying. A look around their site shows some pretty dialed carbon usage in their frames over 10 years ago, too. Thumbs up. We're including the Hrotor as a scary bike because of the cranks, the 24 x 3 Gazzoloddi out back and the massive Azonic Love Seat.

Nicolai Nucleon FR


You can't have hits without some misses along the way. We're Nicolai fans because of their relentless pursuit of using gearbox technology, but sometimes that pursuit takes you down those sketchy, dead-end dirt roads in the middle of the night.

Bender's Karpiel


Just throw some duct tape on it and she's good to go. #legend
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