The Giant Factory Off-Road mechanics are busy men. They need to make sure bikes are dialed for practicing and then set up to be flawless for race day. This kind of preparation requires a lot of tools and tricks of the trade to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. Dave Garland rallies the World Cup Downhill races with Marcelo Gutierrez, Alex Marin and Guillaume Cauvin while Sebastian Boyington (aka Sparky) takes care of Enduro World Series duties with Josh Carlson, Yoann Barelli, Adam Craig, Seamus Powell and Carl Decker. They each have specific needs and have set up their custom tool kits accordingly. Check out their toolboxes and favorite tools.

Dave Garland's Toolbox with built-in tablet

Dave runs the Samsung tablet in his toolbox to check hourly weather forecasts and ultimately sync up to suspension data acquisition equipment for premium race-day prep. His favorite tool in the box is an infrared sensor that allows him to see how rear shocks are performing at the end of a World Cup track. If temperatures get too high, rebound qualities in rear shocks can fade, so this allows him to address any over-heating issues before race day.

Sebastian "Sparky" Boyington's Toolbox with custom laser-cut dividers

Sebastian went uber-OCD this off-season with his toolbox setup. He uses a Pelican case with corrugated foam and plastic dividers made for photo accessories. The problem was that the dividers were not ideally-shaped for his MTB tools and are difficult to cut. He has a friend with a laser-CNC machine, and they set about with the custom mods. It took a few tries to get the laser temperature figured out as the plastic and foam smoked and smelled, but they got the job done, providing a snug home for all the tools. His favorite tool is the Enduro Bearings BRT003 which allows for easy removal and pressing of press fit bottom bracket cups.

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