Welcome to mountain biking's Burning Man - a chance to gather in the desert, inhale large amounts of dust, ride around on silly bikes, dress weird, get heat stroke, and trip out over things you think you saw. Here are a dozen WTF's from day one of Interbike in the Las Vegas desert.

1 - Typical guy on a pink bike. Flaunt it, dude!

2 - Still dumb.

3 - Six new standards you don't want to know about.

4 - When e-fat biking goes right (0.00001% of the time).

5 - Best comment wins a pile driver from Graves.

6 - "Not exactly what I imagined when I read 'enjoys riding from behind' in his profile."

7 - "What's a Z-Jay? If you have to ask big man, you can't afford it."

8 - Back on track?

9 - Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

10 - Free headlocks from the Chainsaw.

11 - Kona hasn't released details, but we think it's a 2018 prototype.

12 - Yup.

Stay tuned for more WTF's (and maybe even some legit product coverage). We're just getting started.

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