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Added reply in a thread Santa Cruz reserve wheelset 5/26/2020 11:35 AM

QBP has the 30's in stock. They should be the same price at Retail Pricing as if they get them from Santa Cruz. They don't have the I9 hub but the DT350 hubs. Looks like July for the wheels with the I9 hubs.

Added a comment about press release History Lesson: Chainsmoke Now Digitized 4/17/2020 8:38 AM

One of my friends bought Fuzzy's Outland from this video. He still has it to this day.

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Added a comment about feature WINNING BIKE - Martin Maes' GT Force 69er 9/25/2019 6:54 PM

It's a 27.5 frame with a 29er fork. I rode the same bike that the Gt Sports Marketing Mgr has. It's setup exactly like Martin's Bike. It's a super fun bike.

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Added reply in a thread 2019 Racing Rumors 1/10/2019 7:22 AM

7 Speed (YES) 12 Speed (YES) Shimano MS (NO).

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Those are TRP's. You can tell by the lever. Both TRP and Enve are both in Ogden Utah. I don't see Enve dumping that kind of money into Gwin. But Gwin is still riding for TRP.

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Hanebrink fork from the late 90's-2000.

Added bike check 2012 Diamondback Sortie Black 1/22/2013 10:04 AM
2012 Diamondback Sortie Black