WINNING BIKE - Martin Maes' GT Force 69er

Martin Maes wins again. The Belgian destroyer took his third Enduro World Series in a row of 2019, and he did it on his GT Force with mixed wheel size; 29-inch wheel in front and 27.5-inch wheel in back. Wheel size aside, Mr. Maes is on some less traditional component choices, too. Despite the dry, dusty conditions, he's running a cut spike out back (something he'll run anytime he can). He must have the notion of braking removed from his thought process with his smaller-than-most rotors. And finally, his fork has *only* 150mm of travel. Martin's mechanic, Mark Maurissen says, "it's not about being comfortable out there." Clearly the discomfort and out-of-the-norm bike setup is working for Martin with all these 1st-place finishes. Dig in.

-Photos and Interview by Sven Martin

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Another Mixed Wheel Size Win Has Me...

Mark Maurissen in audio