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I think this has nothing to do with health concerns and everything to do with vendors/sponsors not being able to make travel or delivery commitments. Couldn't they still hold the race and just push back the trade show?

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why? there's no live coverage of this race. what is it spoiling for you in this case? we don't put names in world cup DH results.

Added a comment about press release CRANKWORX: Ed Masters Back from Injury and Back on Top and Total Stage Domination for Rae Morrison in Giant Toa Enduro 3/2/2020 3:27 AM

Vital. My NEW number one mountain bike site.

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So. No race in US but one on this track? Ok. Cool. Just wanted to make sure.

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Added a comment about feature Why Are E-Bikes Such a Touchy Subject in the U.S.? 11/12/2017 5:29 AM

I'm with @gtbikes. The problem will ultimately be this, and hear me out. The trails will be flooded, at some point, with them. And that will mean folks who probably otherwise would not be on the trail nor probably should be on the trail will be there. That in and of itself isn't wrong, but most singletrack is multi purpose as it is and now, we will have folks just gliding along, not keeping momentum and clogging an already busy trail up. So, I guess if those folks on the ebikes can keep the pace, rather than just using pure e power to mosey along, I think we are not going to have a choice in the future. As long as when the hammer drops pedal bikes aren't lumped into the banned category, I'm good with them if they can keep up.

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So local bike shops have their already low margins squeezed and there is no price reduction or benefit to the consumer. Good for Trek.

People are willing to buy bikes direct online because they are great value for money. If you are going to pay dealer prices anyway, part of the cost/experience is...more

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The trilobial polygon interface was good enough for wwII tanks, and its good enough for me. It is pretty much the shit, i've had my LG1 off and on at least a hundred times and it still has an audible pop when the crank arm is pulled. It does require more material at the taper than a splined interface...more

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A lot of dropper post remotes are terrible, and few can match the ergonomics of a front derailleur shifter. It would be hard to justify buying a new shifter just to cut it apart, but there are LOT of front derailleur shifters sitting around unused these days.

Added a comment about video Junkyard Cyclocross - Through My Eyes with Aaron Chase 12/31/2014 11:46 AM

What kinda bike is Aaron on? Looks like BMW proto camo!

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Yeti SB66C  Red Anodization


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Oh look, it has 2 wheels. It looks like a______

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Different link and shock platform. No?

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Done now let's pray for him

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That is what I did when I first picked up a mountain bike...

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How in the world did you get the camera on that thing? And holey moley that's funny. One angry ram.

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