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Again, I could see it being better for some tracks. But 'world's better' is what I'm not so sure about.

I'm lucky (or rather I have really messed up values) in that I have a few bikes. I can test product back to back on these bikes and report my findings. Its so crazy how much the...more

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I'll be giving it a go just because, but I'm skeptical that it is *so* much better than air. Few reasons...

1) All the Fox pros are on the standard air spring. DH and enduro. Maybe they'd never make them a coil just cause, but I have to believe if Gwin and Minnaar barked enough,...more

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Jeff, I know you're probably wanting something 170mm of longer up front but I've been thinking of running an E-bike specific 36 upper on my single crown. Product testers/MTB journalists say the thicker stanchions (with the same bore as a 34) make the ... more ยป

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Yeah....those 4 guys must be pissed.

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Correct. But if you're stuck to a 31.8mm bar diameter, the shortest you can get the Atlas stem is 50mm (which is on the longer side of the spectrum for modern AM and enduro bikes.)

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Come on Brandon, give us the Flexx bar review!

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The real question is do you throw a 29" front wheel on a 27.5" frame or a 27.5" rear wheel on a 29" frame? Both have pros and cons.

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it can't "mostly" go to a single rider. the press release says there are "almost" 40 races total that are part of this program with money for DH, Enduro and/or XC available. not all 40 of these races offer all three disciplines, but even if they did, that would be...more

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I wonder if they look good on a DAD-BOD...

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Way to go Enve. Now just lower it by another $1,000 and you'll offer competitive pricing.

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They will for sure keep your hands fresh and I wouldn't be surprised if you were faster too. Let me know what you think!

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Thanks for writing that up. Gives me another good data point and your impressions are similar to what I've read/heard from others and also are in line with what people in the Moto world say about the Flexx bars for offroad moto.

I think I'm going to try a set out. My shop doesn't demo them but I'll put a bug...more

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Wow, just wow!

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Here are my thoughts:

Pro: The elastomers are noticably active in damping the smallest of chatter. Although forks have gotten much better throughout the years, they still have quite a bit amount of static friction. That's why linkage forks are so appealing but as you can tell, are very difficult to get right and even harder to convert the minds of the masses. The new Trust fork is beginning to do that but at $2700, it's definitely not priced for the masses. The Flexx bar certainly doesn't convert your fork into a linkage fork but it does smooth out chatter impressively well. If you cook here's a pretty good analogy: think of the Trust linkage fork as pure vanilla extract and your standard telescopic fork w/ the Flexx bar as imitation vanilla flavoring. Nothing beats using pure vanilla extract in flavor but imitation vanilla gets you close enough and costs less than half the price.

Pro: The Flexx bars are tuneable with different weight of elastomers. In order to adjust the flex on a regular bar you'll need to swap it.

Pro: Arm pump and hand fatigue is reduced quite a bit. Before an hour or two ride on an aggressive trail got my hands feeling it. Now I'll do an hour long aggressive ride and my hands feel as if I never left the trail head parking lot. This is a huge pro if you're still on the mend from any upper body injuries.

Con: The Flexx bar weights twice as much as a standard bar. For those who focus their entire build around weight, this bar isn't for them. But, for those who are okay sacrificing weight for performance and handling this isn't a con at all. Personally, what the Flexx bar offers is well worth 220 extra grams.

Con: The Flexx bars are twice the price the highest end carbon bar. For most, that's a deal breaker and that's rightfully so. Fasst co does offer a 30 day 'buy back' guarantee where if you're not stoked on the bar, you'll get all your money back. So, if you can drop several hundred to try them out, you should. A shop I'm close with demos them as well so you can see if you can find a set to try out that way too.

I haven't been able to do any major drops (10+ feet) on these bars yet but have used them on some pretty gnarly trails and good sized jumps. With time my scepticism of their strength and durability has gone away and all that's left is wondering how they will handle repeated head banging Virgin UT style hucks.

They are pretty sick bars!

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So prognarcore!

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I'm interested in these as well. Care to share your thoughts on them dirtworks?

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How has your experience with these handlebars been? Very interested to hear.