Selling Out with Team Robot 9

Charlie Sponsel learns from the best.

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  • kidwoo

    8/14/2015 10:53 PM

    Man I saw the rest of the vids. Last place?

    Robotz was robbed™

  • deathXsquad

    8/15/2015 1:50 PM

    guessing the butthurt was strong with many industry folks in attendance. those behind the bar shots are the bread and butter of a lot of careers! Tied with Norbz in my book...

  • MadMaxFlexin

    8/14/2015 8:30 PM

    Hahaha this had me on a roll. The exaggerating sound effects killed me. Next how to sell out with TR without a bike. Funny video. We need more of this.

  • jib_walrus

    8/14/2015 9:53 AM

    I guess everything just happens at 10:52 am lol

  • Reformed Roadie

    8/14/2015 10:19 AM

    I would have guessed 4:20, based on the content.

  • Reformed Roadie

    8/14/2015 7:49 AM

    I did not know Lopes was a little person.

  • Dave_Camp

    8/14/2015 7:43 AM

    you're welcome magura! lol

  • Bigburd

    8/13/2015 11:34 PM

    fucking brilliant haha ! Loving the lopes appearance , awkward much ? How was his parking ?

  • sspomer

    8/13/2015 11:21 PM


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