Pointers: Hippie Bike Wash 21

A little planning allows Mother Nature to help out with the water-saving hippie bike wash. Share your bike washing pointers in the comments!

Credit: gordo
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  • mtbschrader

    1/12/2016 12:59 PM

    I brush off the drive train and wipe the suspension pretty much after every ride. Lube chain roughly every 3-5 rides and only really clean the whole thing a few times a year. And then just wet rags, baby wipes and toothbrush. Never a hose. It stays nice and never takes too much time at once.

  • quasibinaer

    4/3/2011 7:02 AM

    I´m not a hippie at all. And I don´t have the time to take it all apart every week (roughly once a year is manageable though). So what I do is simply lean it against a tree (very hippie-esque!), use a hose in shower mode and soak it gently. Think of it as speckling. Then spray on some muc-off and let the nanothingies do their work. Maybe I´ll use a brush for the really dirty bits. Shower-mode for the hose again, wash `er down and voila. 30 mins in the sun and it´s good as new!

  • Big Bird

    4/1/2011 6:33 PM

    I used to have the luxury of having a creek in my backyard. Ride, get muddy, get home, dip some water to rinse the bike while still wet and drip dry. Oh, and I guess lube the chain.

  • Marshall

    3/31/2011 5:56 PM

    I have had my downhillbike for 3 years now and have ridden it HARD. I have never hosed it down, and the thing is in perfect condition.
    Every time my friends sit on it they say the same thing. "How do you get you bike this perfect! Everything is so dialed!"

  • TImmer

    3/30/2011 10:21 PM

    to much work, i have a hose

  • big b

    3/30/2011 9:33 PM

    Bro.....what should I do if my Berkinstocks get wet??

  • Ol Dirty Jose G

    3/30/2011 8:01 PM

    I don't really understand the theory of not washing your bike, even if you use a high pressure sprayer your not getting as much water where it ought not be as a few runs in the rain or driving back from that race in a rainstorm with your bike on your roof. I think it's best for the bike to get corrosive grit out of bearings ASAP and do regular maintenance (greasing) to handle the residual water issue (shouldn't be spraying around these areas anyways)

  • Marshall

    3/30/2011 6:34 PM

    I agree with RMX1 on this one. I never wash my bike for the exact same reasons. Bikes get trashed from being washed. Taking you bike apart and cleaning each individual part then re greasing each part make a night and day difference, and it will make you bike last a heck of a lot longer.

  • rmx1

    3/30/2011 6:28 PM

    to be honest i NEVER wash my bike no matter how dirty it is, washing your bike gets all the water and grime in the bearings and in other parts it shouldnt be in! i take the time to pull my bike entirely apart and use a wet rag to clean everything. eco friendly AND saving my bike!
    after that i drive my 4mpg lincoln navigator to the local forest and shoot various endangered species. =D


    3/30/2011 5:38 PM

    How about tapping a spigot into your rubbermade tub and putting it up somewhere high, then you can use that hose you have sitting there, and not look like quite such a hobo.

  • JonnyDH

    3/30/2011 4:51 PM

    I like to use a power washer and undiluted industrial degreaser. Soak the bike in degreaser and don't worry if you use to much, plants and fish love that stuff. Then use the power washer to clean your hubs, pivots, bb, fork seals, and head set. Get in really close with the nozzle on all these parts so that you don't leave any dirt behind. Don't bother with a brush, if it looks clean while its wet it'll dry to a buffed finish - you'll be amazed! Don't wipe it down after either, just let it air dry for like a week. When your done it's like your bike is brand new - or maybe you'll just need a brand new bike - either way - score! And the nice about this method is you can use the power washer to fend off hippies or anyone else with a bit of common sense who tries to tell you to stop cleaning your bike that way.

  • k.shiz

    3/30/2011 4:35 PM

    Lube drivetrain is an annual thing right?

  • Mugs4pres

    3/30/2011 11:43 AM

    I generally just buy a new bike once my old one gets dirty. it saves water.

  • camdenthekid

    3/30/2011 10:32 AM

    i have running water at my house ... so i use a hose


    3/30/2011 10:12 AM

    *spray diluted simple green 1min
    *leave for 15 mins
    *Hose down 2 mins
    *dry or ride round block.
    we don't all have 4 days to wash our bikes.. or rain..
    if you were really hippie, you wouldn't have a bike and you would stink..

  • ska todd

    3/30/2011 8:31 AM

    How about washing hippies with a Karcher?

  • sideshow

    3/30/2011 8:28 AM

    jimjam, I've also found tears of children to work well when re-greasing bearings. Have you tried using eagle feathers to get the larger chucks of dirt off the bike before the wash? I was using whale baleen, but they just scratched the paint too much. And a pro tip I picked up in the pits in 2010 was unicorn blood in the brake lines - but it is a little pricey. Other than that, I think the normal regiment of mink fur with zebra polish to really bring the shine out will be a good way to finish up the process.

  • Jackass123456789

    3/30/2011 8:17 AM

    ha ha, that bike isn't dirty, try washing your bike like that after riding here in the UK!
    At least we have the rain water to fill that bucket up everyday!!

  • white wolf

    3/30/2011 8:05 AM

    jimjam knows whats up but aquafina is the best if you have a truck made outside of america

  • adamshore

    3/30/2011 8:04 AM

    He forgot to lube the rotors after spraying them with degreaser! He's likely going to slow down way too fast and hurt himself...

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