2022 Norco Sight VLT C1 E-Bike

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Vital First Look - 2022 Norco Sight VLT C1
A big e-bike with a big battery for big days.
Vital Review
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Fitting into the all-mountain e-MTB category, Norco equips their third generation Sight VLT line with the latest Shimano EP8 motor and sets a new bar for potential range with an available 900Wh battery option. That’s right, a 900Wh battery! With an attention to spec and frame durability, the Sight VLT moves exclusively to the 29-inch wheel platform. It also features an updated chassis with a few geometry changes. The updated rear suspension kinematics and new horizontal shock placement creates easier access for shock adjustment and the ability to run two water bottle cages. Clean lines and angles make for a bike with great symmetry, capable of handling all scenarios well while looking fast at a standstill.


  • 150mm (5.9-inches) of rear-wheel travel // 160mm (6.3-inches) fork travel
  • 29-inch wheels
  • Motor: Shimano EP8// 85Nm Torque
  • Battery Options: 900Wh, 720Wh, 540Wh
  • Carbon front// Carbon and Aluminum rear
  • Motor angled upward
  • Horizontal shock placement
  • Rosenberger RoPD charge port
  • Updated Horst-link suspension design with link arm and shock extension
  • Internal cable routing
  • Dual Water bottle mount
  • 148 boost rear spacing with 12mm through axle
  • DEITY Skywire Carbon Bar
  • Sizes: S, M, L (tested), XL
  • MSRP $8,599 USD (battery not included)
  • Battery price: 900Wh ($1,199, 10 pounds) 720Wh ($999, 8.5 pounds), 540Wh ($749, 7 pounds)
  • Measured weight (size Large, no pedals, 900Wh battery): 56.6 pounds (25.6kg)


  • Strong descender
  • 900Wh battery provides massive range
  • Well-rounded rear suspension performance
  • Stiff chassis inspires confidence
  • Long wheelbase is very stable at speed and climbs well.


  • FOX 36 is easily overwhelmed
  • Heavy for a "trail" eMTB
  • Long wheelbase is a handful in tight scenarios

Initial Impressions

We appreciate the clean, flowing symmetry from front to back as the top tube and seat stay portion of the rear end is a continuous line. All of the cables are internally routed in a tidy fashion. Our size large is equipped with a 170mm-travel dropper post, enabling us to set the post as low as possible to get the saddle out of the way on descents. The EP8 motor is now angled in balance with the beefy downtube which reduces the available bash area. It's topped off with a clean battery cover/bash guard and integrated tool for convenient battery removal. When Norco angled the motor, they had to adjust to a horizontal shock placement to maintain bottle clearance. This created an added benefit of easily accessible shock adjustment controls. The engineering team at Norco updated the horst-link suspension, utilizing a new link arm and shock extension. The updated kinematics are tightly guarded by Norco, as several brands use this shared platform. We can report improved square-edged bump compliance while climbing, but the most notable difference in feedback is the isolation of rear-end flex into the new link arm and shock extension.

The angled EP8 Motor

Three New Norco VLT e-Bikes

Norco is revising their VLT line with three new e-bikes. The Range, Sight, and Fluid VLT are all receiving a host of updates in one, massive launch. The Range and the Sight VLT models will offer both carbon and alloy frame options, while the Fluid VLT will only be available in two alloy models. All three models make use of the Shimano EP8 motor. We'll tip our cap to Norco for not skimping on the drive unit for their entry-level model. Get the full rundown on all the prices and specs in our Product Guide.

Sight VLT A1 - $5,999

Sight VLT C2 - $6,499
Sight VLT A2 - $5,199

Three Battery Options

Regardless of which model you select, riders will have their choice of three battery options. Norco offers a 540Wh battery ($749), a 720Wh battery ($999) and an industry-leading 900Wh battery ($1,199). It is important to note that a battery is not included with each bike. The battery purchase must be made separately. This gives riders the choice of what battery (and weight) they want to run. The distinction is important as this will also affect the final price of the bike. In other words - choose your VLT, batteries not included.

Norco utilizes a proprietary battery, and the size chosen will impact the overall weight, range, and price of the Sight VLT. We used the 900Wh battery for the duration of testing, and while it is the heaviest choice, we never ran out of juice! Riders also have a 540Wh or 720Wh battery to choose from. This lets the rider to pick their own adventure. We did notice some crud buildup in the battery mount bolt as well as some corrosion on bolt heads, so the battery cavity is worthy of thorough maintenance – especially after a muddy or wet ride. Lastly, the 2021 Sight VLT line is equipped with a user-friendly Rosenberger RoPD charge port tying the fit and finish together on this updated chassis.


Norco improved the 2022 Sight VLT line with current all-mountain geometry. The intent is to keep the rider centered while climbing and ripping descents. With a relaxed-but-unchanged head angle, steeper seat tube angle, low bb height, and long reach paired with a longish rear center, the Sight VLT caters to riders seeking that “weight over the front wheel while feeling in the bike” approach. Norco considered key details like fine-tuning the seat tube angle and travel of dropper post between size range. This lead to a larger 34.9mm seatpost diameter to accommodate the longer travel posts.


We appreciate the Norco Ride Aligned Tune page to help find a base setting, but we initially set fork air pressure 4psi less than suggested and shock pressure 20psi less than suggested to achieve 22mm sag. We set out on a test ride in dry, fast-rolling conditions. Our final settings still varied from the suggested tune to cater to some preferences of our test rider and to suit dry conditions. We ran firm tire pressures – 31 psi rear 29 psi front – 15mm stack height and lower air spring PSI, paired with preferred compression and rebound damping settings. We have included our final suspension settings along with the Norco Ride Align Tune guide so you can see the comparisons.

Initially, we ran the familiar Shimano EP 8 motor in the base tune setting, but after two rides we dove into the e-Tune app and we’ll discuss those changes a little further into this review.

Griz's Setup


  • Sag: 22mm
  • PSI - 220lbs
  • HSC -  7 from closed
  • LSC - 11 from closed
  • HSR - 3 from closed
  • LSR - 4 from closed


  • Psi: 99
  • HSC - 0 or 1 from closed
  • LSC - 4 from closed 
  • HSR - 5
  • LSR - 5 or 7
  • 3 Volume reducers

Ride Aligned Recommended Setup


  • PSI - 243
  • HSC - 6 from closed
  • LSC - 12 from closed
  • HSR - 6 from closed
  • LSR - 12 from closed


  • PSI - 103
  • HSC - 4 from closed
  • LSC - 11 from closed
  • HSR - 6 from closed
  • LSR - 6 from closed
  • 1 Volume reducer

Our test rider opted for a size large as we tested a medium Sight VLT during the Vital e-MTB Test Session last year but felt a large was in order this go-round. The increased front center and steeper seat tube angle are appreciated but ultimately the bike is on the large end of the spectrum. Interestingly, the Ergon saddle spec is unchanged but with the slightly different seat tube angle and longer reach, our test rider has a new appreciation for the SM-10 – most notably the support it offers when climbing up steep grades thanks to the raised rear portion. The cockpit feels fantastic straight away thanks to the familiar DEITY Skywire handlebar with SRAM brake levers and shifting. There was a spacious feel even with a short stem length. Norco’s engineering team hit their goal, as we felt securely nestled between the front and rear axles. No major adjustments were made regarding bike fit. For a long-term review, our tester would opt for a preferred 35mm stem length as well as trimming the bars to 780mm. He also prefers bars with more rise and less stack height. Loading the bike on a Thule rack proved the size large just fit on the rack with no room to spare. An XL would likely not fit. In fact, our Sight VLT is longer than any DH bike we have loaded on this rack for 2021.

On The Trail

We utilized Trail 4, Idaho City, Avimor, and Eagle Bike Park for testing Thanks to the lack of rain and early heat, conditions were bone dry and warm for all but one of our test rides. Trail 4 and Idaho City trails offer high speeds, banked turns, and deep ruts. We hit plenty of compressions ranging from moto whoops, acceleration bumps, aggressive braking zones with some rocky bits, and plenty of sand. All of which the Norco Sight VLT absolutely digs. Our sessions at Eagle Bike Park and Avimor provided many berms, jumps, and sh-nibbles, and bits of rocks to get a feel for the Sight in a more MTB-specific environment. Again in dry, hot, loose over hardpack soil conditions. We felt the moto trails were the best-suited environment to our Sight VLT largely due to the terrain catering to a long, stable wheelbase at higher speeds over the slower speeds and cumbersome weight of the bike on MTB specific trails.

...the 2022 Sight C1 VLT is on our top 5 list of e-MTBs tested to date.

What's The Bottom Line?

Built with durability, long-range capacity, a solid spec, and a centered riding stance in mind, the 2022 Sight C1 VLT is on our top 5 list of e-MTBs tested to date. With confidence-inspiring geometry, the fore and aft flex of the FOX 36 will keep heavier riders from overcooking trails. Still, Sight VLT maintains a DH bike-like feel and thrives at higher speeds. It descends much like a DH bike but one you are better off keeping on the casual side of crushing. If you are looking to smash an e-MTB on the most heinous terrain possible, you would be better off looking at the Range VLT line but for riders looking for a do-it-all-well machine, the Sight line is what you’re looking for. Considering the spec on the C1, we feel the retail price is justified. For alternative budgets (such as our own) there are C2, A1 and A3 build options respectively. We’d likely consider owning a C2 or A1 model with the 900Wh battery if we were seriously considering owning one for ourselves. E-Bike packing would be something we could see ourselves enjoying with the 900Wh range capacity and do-it-all capability of the Sight VLT line.

Head to Norco.com to learn more

About the Tester

Sean McClendon - Age: 35 // Years Riding: 21 // Height: 5'10" (1.78m) // Weight: 190-pounds (86.2kg)

"Griz" is a battered veteran of MTB gravity racing. Following a major crash during the 2010 USA National Championship Pro downhill race, he put in the hours and fought his way back to health and the fun that is two wheels. Griz has ridden for a number of the USA's top teams throughout his racing career, testing prototype frames and components along the way. Currently managing US Dealer sales and the Fresh Blood amateur development team at DEITY Components, he remains motivated by the mantra "whips don't lie." You'll often find him perfecting his high-flying sideways aerial maneuvers while living the #pinelife in Idaho.


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Norco Sight VLT C1 E-Bike
Model Year
Riding Type
Enduro / All-Mountain
Sizes and Geometry
Wheel Size
E-Bike Class
Class 1: Pedal Assist (Pedelecs)
Shimano STEPS EP8, 85Nm max torque
Norco BMZ, Integrated, Removable, Sold Separately, 900Wh, 720Wh and 540Wh Options
Battery Capacity
900 Wh
Shimano STEPS System
Boost, Trail, Eco, Walk Assist
Max Speed with Assist
20 mph (32 km/h)
Frame Material
Carbon Fiber
Frame Material Details
Carbon Frame and Seatstays, Aluminum Chainstays
Rear Travel
Rear Shock
FOX Factory FLOAT X2, Custom Tune, 210x55mm
FOX Factory FLOAT 36, GRIP2, HSC/LSC, HSR/LSR, 44mm Offset, E-Rated
Fork Travel
Head Tube Diameter
Super-Taper for 1.8"-1.125" Tapered Steerer Forks
FSA No.55R-1 Sealed Bearing
DEITY Skywire Carbon 35, 800mm, 25mm Rise
CNC Alloy, 40mm Length, 35mm Clamp
DMR DeathGrip A20 Soft, Thin (S, M), Thick (L, XL)
Front: SRAM Code RSC, 4-Piston, Metallic Pads with SRAM Centerline 220mm Rotor
Rear: SRAM Code RSC, 4-Piston, Metallic Pads with SRAM Centerline 200mm Rotor
Brake Levers
SRAM GX Eagle Single Click
Front Derailleur
Rear Derailleur
SRAM X01 Eagle
Top Guide
Shimano FC-M8150 E-MTB, 165mm
34 Tooth Eagle
SRAM Eagle XG 1275, 10-52 Tooth
DT Swiss E 1700 Hybrid E-Rated Wheelset, 29"
Front: DT Swiss 350H, 15x110mm Boost, 6-Bolt
Rear: DT Swiss 350H, 12x148mm Boost, XD, 6-Bolt
DT Swiss Stainless
Front: Maxxis Assegai 3C MaxxGrip/DD/TR/WT, 29"x2.5"
Rear: Maxxis Disector WT 3C MaxxTerra/DD/TR, 29"x 2.4"
Ergon SM-10 E-Mountain Sport
OneUp Components Adjustable Dropper with OneUp Components 1x Lever
120mm (S), 150mm (M), 170mm (L), 210mm (XL)
Seatpost Diameter
Seatpost Clamp
Single bolt
Rear Dropout / Hub Dimensions
12x148mm Boost
Max. Tire Size
Bottle Cage Mounts
1 Mount (S-M), 2 Mounts (L-XL)
5 Year Limited
Gen 3 VLT E-MTB Features:
  • Three proprietary battery options available (sold separately)
  • Select your ideal capacity from 540Wh ($749), 720Wh ($999), 900Wh ($1199)
  • Proprietary batteries featuring 21700 lithium ion cells
  • Batteries remove and install in seconds with a single onboard tool
  • Removable batteries for off-bike charging, bringing a spare, or selecting the capacity you need for the ride ahead
  • Water resistant charge ports
  • Integrated speed sensor mount with rotor-mounted magnet
  • Custom-offset shock mounts to optimize clearance for piggyback shocks and water bottles
  • Ride Aligned Design System matches each VLT E-MTB to the human who rides it
  • Price
    Bike without Battery: $8,599.00
    Bike with 540Wh Battery: $9,348.00
    Bike with 720Wh Battery: $9,598.00
    Bike with 900Wh Battery: $9,798.00
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    Free shipping on orders over $50 (continental U.S. only).
    International shipping available. Some exclusions apply.
    Free shipping on orders over $50 (continental U.S. only).
    International shipping available. Some exclusions apply.

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