Maxxis Launches the High Roller II 7

Maxxis is proud to announce the latest addition to its mountain line, the High Roller II.  Building on the solid foundation of the original and using feedback from the world’s top riders, the totally redesigned High Roller II offers significant performance gains.  

The High Roller II has an open tread design, allowing the tire to easily shed mud and other debris. Both the center and shoulder knobs are taller, offering excellent soil penetration. The High Roller II will dig in and hold on as long as the rider can. Aggressively shaped knobs improve braking performance and traction on hard surfaces, making the High Roller II the ideal choice for technical terrain. The square profile of the High Roller II gives it a consistent feel when transitioning from the center to side knobs, giving riders the confidence to keep it pinned.  

Original High Roller on the left, revised High Roller II on the right

The High Roller II will be offered in 26 x 2.40 with a 2-ply downhill casing and either a MaxxPro 60a single compound or 3C Triple Compound (70a/42a/40a) configuration.  Additional sizes and configurations will be available soon. For more information, please visit or your local Maxxis dealer.

Additional Notes: Claimed weight is 1260g for both compounds. The High Roller II 26x2.4 has the same casing as the original High Roller 26x2.5, but because the shoulder knobs are slightly taller, the tread width of the High Roller II is actually slightly wider.

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