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The Propain SRESH CF - Full Trail Power! 14

Lively and playful on full e-power.

Propain is closing a significant gap in their growing e-bike lineup: With the SRESH, they are launching a lightweight shorter travel e-bike with a lively and playful ride feel all while delivering full e-power. The full power Shimano EP801 drive unit, 626 Wh battery, and a lightweight blend carbon frame with 150 mm PRO10 rear suspension form the foundation for the new trail e-bike. With their extensive configurator, these characteristics can be further defined, significantly influencing the character of the SRESH. From a lightweight full-power e-bike at just under 21 kg for long days in the saddle, to the short travel ripper for home trails and trail parks, anything is possible. Full Trail Power!




Overall Concept and Geometry

Building on the fundamental concepts of the Ekano models introduced last year, the SRESH offers the same qualities with a different focus - it was important for Propain to develop a lightweight and agile e-bike that has a playful ride feel, with a lot of pop and precision all while making no compromises in terms of drive unit power. They achieved this through the use of the lightweight and powerful Shimano EP801 motor and slim 626 Wh battery in combination with the trail geometry of the blend carbon frame. 150 mm of rear travel and 160 mm up front, a 65° head angle, 78.5° steep seat angle, 450 mm chainstays and typical compact reach values deliver direct and playful handling and a comfortable riding position. Like all Propain e-bikes, the SRESH also stands out for its downhill performance. The positioning of the shock, drive unit and lightweight battery ensures optimized weight distribution and a natural ride feel. The battery installed in the cut-out down tube can be quickly and easily removed for easier charging or to double the range with a spare battery if needed. The SRESH can dramatically change its character through the chosen components. With a focus on weight, it can reach the 20 kg mark, making the SRESH ready for alpine tours. Even with low assistance, it pedals efficiently and shines on day tours with great range and perfect handling. When speced sturdy, the SRESH becomes an absolute home trail ripper that playfully lets you hunt KOMs. And thanks to ASTM CAT 5, it can also handle rough trail parks with an active riding style.

01 Geometry PROPAIN-Shresh-1-CF-Molini-9657-marius-hires.jpg?VersionId=C

Frame Concept Pro10

Propain was convinced that their PRO10 system represents the best frame concept. As has already been proven on their EKANO models, the vertically positioned shock floating between the counterrotating links offers absolutely the best performance, especially for e-bikes. The SRESH‘s 150 mm PRO10 rear end combined with shocks specifically tuned to it delivers sensitive initial travel and high progression. On the trail, this translates to lots of traction coupled with a playful, poppy feel. The anti-squat characteristics harmonize perfectly with the powerful EP801 motor. Technical climbs and shifting under full load happens without bobbing, yet the suspension remains active for maximum traction. The cut-out down tube is closed with a carbon cover painted in the frame color, making the frame appear as one seamless piece. A motor cover made of carbon, also painted in the frame color, underscores the sleek design of the lightweight full-power e-bike.

Integrated Cable Routing

Integrated Cable Routing “ICR“ system co-developed with Sixpack is used on the SRESH as well. The CNC-machined stem from Germany forms a precise fit with the top composite spacer. The cables don‘t run through the stem, but instead through a pinch-through seal below the stem into the top spacer, through the headset and into the frame. This allows the stem to be easily swapped if needed and the stack height adjusted via clip-in spacers without having to remove the stem. To maximize longevity, an additional IPS seal is mounted on the top headset bearing alongside the cable entry seal. The ICR system is made bulletproof by using exclusively high-quality Acros stainless steel bearings in all frames, recognizable by their red seals. Headset wear is a non-issue with Propain's ICR system.

02 Integrated Cable Routing PROPAIN-Shresh-1-CF-Molini-9476-marius-hires

Silence Is Fast

Once you go silent, you never go back. A quiet bike totally changes trail perception and delivers an immense sense of confidence. Ever since the Tyee 6, Propain made acoustics a major consideration in developing all their bikes and e-bikes. Thanks to the integrated cables, optimized cable routing, and TPR chainstay protectors, the SRESH is also extremely quiet on the trail. The new improved EP801 plays its part in the near-silent ride too.

03 Silence is Fast PROPAIN-Shresh-1-CF-Molini-9448-marius-hires.jpg?VersionId=xKzYVb9ToRhyGhBwoEX3H bwrq4

Brake Integration

The 200 mm post mount brake mount on the SRESH is cleanly integrated into the rear triangle. In addition to aesthetic benefits, this design better transfers braking forces into the frame.

04 Brake Integration PROPAIN-Shresh-1-CF-Molini-9675-marius-hires.jpg?VersionId=w76z6EG

Shimano EP801

The EP801 is the current top model of the Japanese manufacturer. This intelligent drive unit delivers superbly controllable high power with a maximum torque of 85 nm and 600 watts peak over a wider cadence range than before. The harmonious power delivery and optimized control result in a very natural feel on the trail. These features, combined with the mere 2.7 kg weight, made choosing the EP801 for the new trail e-bike an easy decision. To enable a more affordable entry into the e-bike world, Propain also offers the 300 g heavier EP600 alloy version. Aside from the added weight of the aluminum housing, it puts out the same torque and just 100 watts less peak power than its bigger brother made of magnesium.

05 Shimano EP801 PROPAIN-Shresh-1-CF-Molini-9689-marius-hires 0

626 WH Battery

The SRESH uses a powerful 626 Wh battery. The new 21700 lithium-ion cell generation achieves a remarkably high energy density, packing more power into less space and weight. This makes the SRESH‘s battery significantly slimmer, more compact and lighter than other batteries in this class - the perfect energy storage for optimal trail performance.

006 151PROPAIN-Shresh-1-CF-Molini--marius-hires

E-Tube Project App

The Shimano EP801 can be conveniently customized to individual needs using the E-TUBE PROJECT app. 15 individualization modes allow fine-tuning of the assistance level to terrain and personal preferences. The settings can be saved in two different profiles and switched directly while riding without using the app.

007 127PROPAIN-Shresh-1-CF-Molini--marius-hires


Sresh CF Kinematics

The PRO10 system is known for its drive neutrality. For an e-bike designed to pedal as efficiently as possible, we wanted to further refine this trait. With 123% anti-squat at sag, the SRESH climbs technical uphills with an active suspension and without bobbing. Descending, the system retains its known sensitive initial stroke while providing supportive progression and plenty of pop that accentuates the lively trail bike character. The shocks tuned to the EKANO 2 CF, both air and coil, release the full travel perfectly controllable when needed.

Wheel Size and Concept

The SRESH is available in both a mixed wheel setup as well as a full 29“ configuration. Through the flip chip on the upper link of the PRO10 frame, both wheel configurations can be used on the same frame. 29“ wheels provide better rollover behavior, especially on technical and slower sections, while the smaller 27.5“ rear wheel makes the SRESH more agile and offers more freedom of movement. As the SRESH is designed to be very versatile, we leave it up to the customer to decide on their preferred wheel configuration. The SRESH is available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

Sresh CF Geometry.jpg?VersionId=Q753D867ZmxY8MN8EnD6UwdESE.

Blend Carbon

For a modern carbon frame that can withstand ambitious riding for years, using one good quality carbon material alone isn‘t enough. Instead, it takes a blend of various carbon fibers and fabrics exploiting their unique properties to meet the demands. PROPAIN carbon frames are made from pre-impregnated (prepreg) carbon fiber layers. These ensure an optimal resin content and far higher strength values. Each individual layer has special properties and corresponding duties in certain areas of the frame. Based on the requirements for stiffness, flexibility, impact resistance, weight, strength and stress direction, different fibers and fabrics are used.

BLend Carbon PROPAIN-Shresh-1-CF-Molini--marius-hires-10.jpg?VersionId=jyFuk5q5wsXxhoSz1dIdYCr

Fresh New Colors

The SRESH is available in the three colors “Raw Gloss“, “Polar Blue Gloss“, and “Heavy Metal Gloss“. The raw carbon gets its unique look from the clear coat, making the “Blend Carbon“ construction visible. “Polar Blue Gloss“ and “Heavy Metal Gloss“ are both new colors, available for the first time at PROPAIN. As always, the PROPAIN decals and badge are individually selectable, so everyone has the freedom to create their favorite color combination. A very durable, plotted vinyl foil is used for the decal kit, while the badge is a relief made of ultra-thin metal. With the SRESH, new decal kit colors are coming to the configurator. Apart from the shown “White Matt” there will be six new colors to choose from.


Specifications and Prices

When selecting components, Propain continues to offer a large and high-quality variety from which every customer can configure their dream bike. Proven suspension options from RockShox and Fox, brakes from SRAM, Magura and Formula, and wheels from NEWMEN and Crankbrothers, as well as various options for stems, seatposts, saddles and tires offer countless possibilities for individualization. New in the configurator for the SRESH is the carbon e-bar from OneUp Components. In addition to the individual configuration, Propain offers four pre-configured spec packages for the new SRESH to make choosing the right bike easier. The build kits are recommendations from them to customers, as this is exactly how they would build their own bikes. The starting price of the SRESH is € 5,999 in Europe and $ 6,299 in North America as they do not offer the Shimano EP6 in the USA.

Sresh CF Build Kits with price 0

It's Capable

  • E-bike tuned PRO10 System
  • Optimized weight distribution & geometry
  • 626 Wh Battery
  • 600 watts Peak Power – 85 nm Torque

It's Clean

  • Well-designed integrated cable routing through the headset
  • Brake integration
  • Perfectly fitting battery and drive unit cover made of carbon, painted in frame color
  • Sleek, dynamic design

It's Durable

  • Double-sealed Acros frame bearings (PROPAIN Dirt Shields)
  • Frame and headset bearings made of stainless steel
  • High-performance frame protection

It's Silent

  • Cable integration
  • Optimized cable routing
  • TPR chainstay protectors

It's Complete

  • Bottle and tool mount
  • SRAM UDH derailleur hanger
  • Sixpack sealed seat clamp
  • Clever positioning of charging port
  • New fresh colors

Technical Data

Sresh CF Technical Data.jpg?VersionId=TNGhTVP.cYL V8nSIGdyQEF

Research and Development

During the development, Propain frames are extensively tested on the test benches at their HQ in Vogt, Germany. During load tests, with a total of over 500,000 load cycles per frame, they are punished to ensure the best performance, load and longevity. All frames are tested far beyond regulatory standards, resulting in their Enduro bikes being listed in ASTM category 5 and having unrestricted bike park clearance.


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