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CushCore Prototypes & Development History


CushCore inventor, Adam Krefting, explains how he came up with the concept after analyzing the existing tire inflation systems’ advantages and limitations.  This video takes a look at the early prototypes and explains a bit more about what it took to create the industry’s leading tire insert.

Adam is also the engineer and owner of Kreft Moto, a dirt bike suspension tuning company.  As you can see from the early prototypes, CushCore development actually began with dirt bikes.  However, Adam decided to launch the product in the mountain bike world first as the tire limitations (and therefore CushCore’s benefits) were much more obvious.

Being a suspension engineer, Adam was looking at all the things that affect what we think of as suspension performance or ride feel other than the suspension itself. The frame, the wheels, the tires -- almost everything else on the bike has a huge effect on how the bike feels and performs.

Of all these things, tires are probably the single most important thing.  You could have the best suspension in the world – but without tires that can absorb bumps, the bike would be almost un-rideable.

Chassis suspension always has a little lag in response. The suspension doesn’t actually start to move until an instant after you hit the bump. And the reason for this lag is that the weight of the wheel, fork lowers, brake caliper, etc., all have to be accelerated upward in order for the suspension to absorb the bump. The bike and rider have to counteract that force, so you will always feel the impact.

Tires, on the other hand, can respond instantly to impacts.  Tires have an inherent advantage on small, sharp bumps since they have basically no un-sprung weight. It’s just that little patch of tire that has to move, and it can do that basically instantly.  The two systems are just good at different things. Tire are ideal for small but very sharp or fast bumps. Suspension has a lot more travel than a tire, so it is good at absorbing big impacts, like landing a jump.

CushCore was created to combine the best aspects of other tire inflation systems, while eliminating their drawbacks, in order to create the best possible suspension performance from the tire.

Learn more at  How CushCore Works.

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