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Saved by bikes.

Kyle Warner may hold three North American Enduro Tour titles but he values those as secondary to the impact that bikes have had on his life. Growing up in Chico, California, Kyle's family struggled with financial challenges as his mother was ill and the economy went bust. Through these dark times of having very little to eat and living in an abandoned home, Kyle found bicycles could help him escape, even if just for a few hours each day. Enjoy his inspiring story and see how bicycles played a pivotal role in shaping his future.


Discussion topics:

  • Growing up in Chico, California, with a mother who was sick
  • Having his family go bust during the economic down-turn in 2008
  • Finding bikes, going to trails, digging and escaping home life
  • Dropping out of school to help take care of mother and to ride
  • Investigating independent study programs on his own and graduating
  • How his local bike shop helped saved his life
  • Being taken under wing of Thunder Bringers mountain bike race team in Chico
  • Squatting in a house with his family for 3 years and finally building a pumptrack in its backyard
  • The rise of his competitive career rise which equaled 3 NAET championships
  • Kyle's desire to help get more kids on bikes
  • The secret to manualing
  • Who he hates being beaten by
  • His favorite rider to watch and how that favorite rider is inspiration because they don't ride much in the off-season as they model suits
  • How he's getting more and more into e-bikes and his vision for getting more people on bikes
  • Th future of enduro and how enduro has changed over the last couple years
  • Losing excitement for enduro racing when the races turned into long, grueling days
  • Martin Maes winning a World Cup DH and will enduro racers continue to cross over?
  • Racing blind and how the early days of enduro were frustrating because people were training on the courses
  • Kirt Voreis


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