​Interbike 2015 was an eye-opening experience full of killer, new products, friendly faces and those random visuals that force you to double-take. Enjoy our last batch of MTB products and people that stood out from the rest, for better or worse. (Thankfully the better always trumps the worse.)

Vital Best in Show Candidate - Best on-bike Boozing

The ultimate in taking the party on your ride. While unconfirmed, we've heard this system was dubbed SWATT - Super Wonderful Alcohol Transport Technology.

That fender really ties the bike together, man.

It's like what Lenin said, "you look for the person who will benefit," and...

Vital Best in Show Candidate - Best Sticker

Freakin' fantastic Fox flare

Ratty's Radio and Chainsaw's Chainsaw. First class flossin'.

Loic's World's Champs lid

They've done studies, ya know. 100% of the time, it works every time.


Hell yeah!

The Mission Of Forgotten Not Gone is to get suffering veterans physically active and interacting with society.

Forgotten Not Gone is a 501(c)(3) For-Purpose organization dedicated to helping save veterans and their families from the destruction of suicide. Through emotional, physical, and spiritual actives sponsored by the organization veterans  are encouraged to re-engage with society and are brought out of the isolation that many experience once they return home.

We find the physical activity is on the the surest ways to engage veterans back into an active, social life. Too many veterans go within, shutting off the outside world until it is too late. Right now 22 Veterans are taking their own lives EACH day in America.

Peter Guidry, Co-Founder of Forgotten Not Gone, knows firsthand the struggle and how much this organization aids veterans. Guidry says, “I feel like I’m serving this country again, but I no longer have to be violent to do so.”

Sven's signature Enduro photography machine

It's the only thing that supports the weight of both Sven and his camera bag combined.

Totally not creepy at all and makes us want to buy whatever they're selling.


There's an emo/shoe-gazer version that mounts under your eyes, too.


Fed up with having to leave comments and questions about bottle cage mounts.

What happens in Vegas...

What Vital did learn from Interbike is that putting naked-mannequin-dude-junk for a title image really doesn't work. Everyone must have been too scared to hit the "Like" button because they didn't want plastic pseudo-nads blazing across their Facebook feed.

Red Hiney Monkey Helmet?

or Baboon bucket?

Caption Contest - Winner gets to ride shotgun.

​​101 Uses for Duct Tape and Discarded Barber Clippings?

​2018's new wheel size

#micdrop, we're out.

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