Chris Canfield of Suspension Formulas - The Inside Line Podcast 5

A massive fan of downhill racing, a suspension designer, a Masters World Champ...Chris Canfield has always hustled for success.

What started out as an addiction to racing downhill mountain bikes turned into a career of building and designing competitive bikes and suspension platforms. Chris Canfield, who just happens to be a current Masters World Champion DH racer, created the CBF suspension platform found on Revel Bikes and Canfield Bikes. He and Kyle Warner go into some epic history about Canfield Brothers bikes and the early Big Fat Fatty Fat downhill bike, the hustling involved with running a bike brand, his racing career and his take on mountain bike suspension design. It's an informative and exciting show this week!


This week's Inside Line Listener Response question

Is Mountain Bike Design as Good as it gets? Can bikes get any better?

Email your audio or written responses to by March 8th and we'll air them on our March 11th show.

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I’m inner Steve Peat was channeled yesterday.

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Frankenbike 29er from the SolVista Triple DHip mentioned in the podcast.
Chris on Cheez-It at SolVista during the Triple DHip race.


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