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hahaha, just turn our logo sideways to make it an e

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I can't stand the looks of 2.8" tires spec'd on eMTBs myself. Oh, in five years, half of Vita;'s net traffic (outside of the ever-relevant WC coverage) will be split with its sister site. ----------> link to the photo Hahahaha

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I remember when Matti Lehikoinen was in a similar situation when he won Champery (the round more associated with Sam Hill's 4th place finish when everyone else failed to just survive down the mountain in the rain and goop). To his credit, Matti claimed ... more »

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Where's Shandro in the junior's?

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It's fairly standard affair. I grabbed Jeff Steber's daughter's old 26" Carbine, repainted the crap out of it because my daughter wanted something with blue. I was inspired by the old team GT colors so I hope it shows. Cranks are standard TRSr 170mm. I can't find a PF BB92 adapter that fits the Trailcraft Cycles 155mm cranks spindle snug. Turn 3 grom cranks spindle don't fit either. So I think I'll stick with the TRSr crank, I mean it's carbon. I kinda rushed posting pics because truthfully, this build was not quite finish. Still waiting on a Reverb dropper post, grom specific Chromag Radar flat pedals (or I could be mean and just forced her to "learn" riding SPDs like her dad..bwahahaha) and still contemplating switching the brakes with TRP Quadiem set....because I can. Once I'm done, I'm actually going to take it for a ride soon after my daughter breaks it in. She got dibs. I love building up bikes from ground up... SOooooo fun.

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Quite some room to spare. I don't have the bike anymore to measure or take a photo of but if you're familiar with the E13 TRS tire, it's a high volume tire that appears to be almost a 2.5" width tire when mounted on today's modern wider internal width rims. Nonetheless, the TRS didn't rub on my Tracer when I had them on. Cheers

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It's the fourth bike I have the Box setup on and it's been working great. The install and setup is straightforward as the other existing systems. The shifting feel at the paddle is somewhat unique like a hybrid feel of both the Shimano and SRAM just in a single paddle. Took me less than a few miles to get used to it- really intuitive. Vital on their review last month highlighted incompatibility with the E13's 9t cog but I do not have this problem as two of my bikes (both recent Bike of the Day have the same identical Box system mated to the TRSr cassette. Fine tuning the B tension and the proper just right chain length was the key factor for me in mating the two systems. Nonetheless, I like the Box system bec it looks dope and it has that feel-good feeling that we all have another option beyond the two current obvious offerings.

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Bike of the Day March 3, 2017!

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Who said VitalMTB Bike Check bikes are just for posing?

Untitled by Orven Zaragoza, on Flickr They get dirty and win races some times. My M16c's first win came last Sunday. Yew! 69958587-_T7O3213 by Orven Zaragoza, on Flickr Thanks for indulging our ... more »