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Get the fuck of this site you absolute waste of space,go spam somewhere else.

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Not a bad read but if you're going to write an artical on cockpit setup up at least have your reverb lever fitted correctly and not missing half the clamp ;-)

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Worst helmet cam footage ever?

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Internal cable routing is a pain full stop! Can be noisy but mostly impractical, need to change a brake during a race weekend? just takes so much longer, a waste of time! that time can be used for practising/riding the trail.

I bigger concern is the reach figure, why so short?!!!! 411 mm for a medium and only 430 mm for large. Compare that to Orbea rallon now 447 mm and canyon strive 448 mm in mediums. Concerned that your carbon turner frame is out dated before its been released.

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Impossible to tell. Maybe like 12 or so?

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I don't think it's the cost, enduro encompasses a much larger rider basis when it comes to advertising and sales.

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Danny and Needles, well funny!

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About time!

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There is no way that's 32 pounds, for a start it has a boxxer RC, hope v4s, mave 721 rims and race face atlas cranks none of which are light!!!

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Pretty sure Blenkinsop has switched to clips.

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