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Thanks for sharing it on insta People seem to like it as mush as i do

And since a lot of people seem to wonder - there is a 3mm difference between this bike's seat height and a same generation medium with a reverb when dropped, and 33mm compared to a new generation medium if the new generation frame sports a reverb. So by sizing up and getting a revive the old generation of the frame can be given a pretty contemporary geo seat tube length wise, and if you buy you second hand you can get modern geo at an even lower price than YT's already fairly good prices - or just buy one new from YT as i did.

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the bike was originally launched in 2014 as the Capra. Back then everybody understood that Capra indeed meant goat. While it is nice that people constantly remind us of the fact that capra indeed means goat - in particularly since a lot of ... more »
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the AC signing and gunning for the ibis team aka #1 team in the EWS both makes sense separately - and even more if both are true. Clever marketing if that is the case. AC still have Rachel beat for the GOAT award on the female side right and YT seem

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BOS posted this photo earlier today - so old frame, but dead give away for the fork.

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thorough review guys, but i am a bit surprised that you do not back the qualitative insights of how the brakes perform with actual quantitative measurements - aka the (german) Bike method of dyno'ing the brakes to accurately test different parameters with a given/limited set of variables. The test method you have chosen gives a fair few good insights into what differentiates the different brakes in how the tester perceives them to be during use, but does the chosen analytic approach sufficiently negate individual bias or individual differences due to less than perfectly set up brake sets or negate differences in how the various tests where performed? I also find it a bit odd that all brakes where not presented equally thoroughly, especially so given the weighting towards a qualitative approach to testing the brakes. I dunno - the test would have made a lot more sense when mated with actual measurements of the performance, and then the insights provided of the brakes in use could have been one of the weighted factors compared to graphs illustrating power, modulation and heat management. Then again, it is a better test than Levy's "none of the tested brakes were terrible" approach. So in summary, good effort yet something to strive for - C+ for effort

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so, the new spectral was launched today, but i think we can expect one more bike to drop pretty soon, aka the bike that has been depicted earlier in the thread that is the longer legged ripper. The depicted bike is clearly not the new Spectral - the

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lighten up man.

It is not the first time that the folks over at Pinkbike have made such an article if i remember correctly, nor are they the only mag that have made such articles presently or in the past. Vital does not own the "between seasons ... more »
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you should switch to a 450 or a 475 spring. I just talked to push about setting up an 11/6 for the same frame, and a 450 should be the run of the mill spring on that frame given your weight if you prefer to be at the high end of that spring's range,

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say what? The makulu he re-emerged on with Unitedride was certainly not crap and got better reviews than many of the aforementioned bikes from SC, Trek, Spesh and Giant, even the team was smaller. As for his current bike, the guys at Unitedride have ... more »

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Very nice bike indeed. Interesting how the Factory model, which sports a very similar build to a YT Capra pro race - albeit with less travel and more xc style components, costs 3500usd more from Intense than YT. Seems like a somewhat expensive upgrade from x0 to xx in my book And yes, i do realize that the two bikes have very different applications, but their build kits are like the trail and enduro versions of basically the best from the same manufacturers.

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