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How does this relate to ideas like KOPS (knee over pedal spindle) which I'm not saying is correct.... But it seems to me if you give a rider a really slack seat tube he'll likely just move his seat forward so that pedaling feels right in a seated position. If you give the same rider a bike with a longer reach but a steeper seat angle, the seat will probably be adjusted backwards by the rider to make seated pedaling feel correct again.

So although you can make the bike longer with a longer reach and then try to fudge the numbers by changing the seat post angle, at the end of the day isn't the rider in most cases just going to do whatever is required with seat position on the rails/setback post to achieve a static horizontal distance from seat to BB? So the rider hasn't moved. His seated position horizontally is still primarily related to the Bottom bracket, and length/cockpit issues will be taken care of with bar/stem combos or frame sizing...

The above assumes we're talking about a rider who cares about seated pedaling and isn't spending every minute of every ride standing up/climbing/descending/getting rowdy and as such being very dynamic on the bike.

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