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Thanks for the props! Can't promise it's something we'll always be able to do, but we really felt like it was all the bike needed this time around and we were stoked that it was a fairly small change from an engineering standpoint - it was that extra little bit...more

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Lighten up dudes.

Richie got busted, served his penalty, and is back in the game, whatever the back story is. He's a young powerhouse with a long career ahead of him. I'm sure he'll be a lot more careful who's bottle he sips from now.

And damn, what a return!?!

4/5 stages won? Very impressive!


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Yup, lol. The main thing we have learned from both the Rude/Graves and Maes incident, is that nearly every commenter on Pinkbike and Vital would have easily avoided the issue by being smarter than them. Sigh.

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Let's see how he's doing after 5 races. Several races in 2018 he wasn't even in the top 20, so I don't think him coming out and not winning his first race means he only won in the past because he was doping. He'll obviously need some time to get back ... more »

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A lot of you are worked up over some pretty minor stuff. This isn't some Lance type of situation, yet your emotions are comparable to that fiasco. Rude will continue to be at the top end of the results and this will prove not to be something that "taints" ... more »

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I tell all my friends ebikes suck. They agree and think Im cool. I sent them this video and we all agree this does not look fun. Not fun at all. These are paid actors acting like they are having fun. A big conspiracy by mega bike corporations to sell you something new.

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Gotta love the hypocracy... Do you want the truth or not? You can't be mad that he didn't want this posted and then also mad that once it was posted he gave the details of the story which involved an error on the part of his mechanic. Maybe he didn't ... more »

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Enjoyed the interview. Bummed you never covered where he is and what he does today. Where has all of this led him?

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"under these circumstances" ... getting to ride the exact same bike the guy who won rode–on the exact same course. As long as the rider is up to the task, it would be hard to come up with better circumstances to arrive at a meaningful first impression.

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Also test runs with flat and clipless pedals. I'd also like to see runs with tight fitting clothing and looser clothing to see if that actually affects times. If you end up doing varying body types could you be sure they have significantly different shoe sizes? I'd be curious if the extra weight of having big feet slows down your pedaling. I also noticed that in the video sometimes Steve was wearing a half-shell helmet in practice. Could you do timed race runs with full faces vs. half shell helmets to see if a full face gives you more confidence, resulting in faster times? This will make the test just slightly more complex, but that is really my only critique.

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Nice! Hope he has the year he is hoping for, he's definitely in top form. Thanks for the interview.

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I believe I read somewhere e13 saying that this tire was inspired by the Wild Rock'r2 because it was one of the better tires they tested. (though aren't all of these tires heavily inspired by the DHF?) But, a tire isn't just the tread pattern, how do other things like width, weight and casing compare? At one point I saw Wild Rock'r2 tires on sale in 29" and was interested to try them, but upon closer look they weighed like 1150+ grams, which is equivalent to the DH version of this. Too heavy for my day to day trail use. My TRS tires also measure a good bit wider than I've seen the Wild R measured at. I'll stick with these for the foreseeable future.

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With the caveat that I'm not into moto, or familiar with the brand... when I view and read this page I get a vibe of this being the Ed Hardy of Mountain Biking. I could be wrong, but just saying.

50:01 seems more just having fun as a dirty mountain biker and less about putting a lot of effort into your image... torn t-shirts vs. loud moto jerseys with bold & cheesy sayings printed on them.

Well, we'll see what they come out with.

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Makes me think it is probably a good idea to wear DH pants over any knee pads, rather than just shorts with pads. I bet Gwin keeps his pants on from now on.

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