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I'm speculating, but I'd say almost certainly not. On my Fox 36 with the Luftkappe there's a reduction of the max # of tokens by 2 due to the height of the "kappe" on top of the air spring shaft. This looks like it takes up the better part of _all_ of the expected "token air space" volume to serve as the secondary air spring. As such, I'd suspect the 2 components would interfere at full compression.

That said, I'm not why sure you'd want to run both at the same time. Both products seem to be different approaches to move and/or re-shape the leverage curve, but it seems like these 2 approaches would interact in unhelpful ways.

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This is cool, it looks a lot like the SD Components "Dynamic Volume Chamber" product I read about a couple years ago. Sadly it looks like they're out of business, but clearly great minds think alike. Nice that this idea is continuing to see development/improvement.

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Whyte's T-130 has specifications that are very similar, and competitively priced. It also has the benefit of availability at LBS's for those who are so inclined.

That said I agree, if you're looking for a solid build on a fun sounding bike, this price is just about as good as it gets. Sure is a good time to be a mountain biker.

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I hear they're quite experienced in the pharmaceutical space. Maybe there's an opportunity for them to "pivot".

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Typical UCI. Acting like they own anyone who would suffer to race in one of their blessed...errr..sanctioned events. They can go whistle. Don't they have enough work to do ruining road cycling?

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Make sure you get the right crank arm length...I noticed the SRSuntour site is out of stock on the 175mm model which is probably what's on your bike (linked description doesn't specify). Measure center-to-center spindle to pedal axle.

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The relevant measurement's aren't listed there, and many shocks are made in a variety of eye-to-eye and stroke configurations. Best bet is to make these measurements yourself with the shock on your bike.

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The important measurements to determine whether it will fit or not are: Eye-to-Eye measurement with the shock fully extended (center-to-center) Stroke Travel (protip: take the spring off to measure) the extended=>compressed travel distance of the

... more »
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You may find that a crank upgrade will be less than you think (a quick amazon/jenson/etc) search finds SRAM NX or GX level cranks with a 32 n/w ring for $75-$90, and a $20 bb you'll probably be happier with the results. The stiffer crank/bb and n/w retention ... more »

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Like the format of this article, would love to see a similar trailbike version of this "entry level" comparison.

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Yikes indeed. I have that exact line on the stanchion of my 125mm post which developed over the initial couple of months using the post. I didn't have the other issues you report, but I did disassemble the post and check for issues and found I was missing the "foam ring" under the topnut seal. Thankfully when I reported the issue to 9point8 support they were much more responsive than you experienced.

They shipped me the missing foam ring and some consumables to do an overhaul. At the same time they discounted the upgrade for my older topnut seal design to their newer one (you appear to have the newer version), which they said should do a better job keeping contaminants out. Although I wasn't super keen on "upgrading" the seals on a 3mo old post, I have to say since doing the swap the wear line stopped developing any further and the performance has been rock solid ever since.

Between the topnut seal kit and what they sent me I'm set for parts for the next internal service as well. Based on my experience with them I'd like to think they're just overwhelmed, and not intentionally flaking on you. I did find their phone support and online chat folks were able to get the ball rolling for me. I hope they get your issues resolved.

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glad someone finally gave LB the review they deserved. I had a great experience with a set I had before changing wheel sizes and abandoning those wheels. Setting up tubeless was definitely difficult for me.

I did witness someone crack one at trestle this past weekend but...more

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I've been riding the 27.5 variant of these rims for nearly 2 years as well in Oregon, and Northern California. Aside from some scuffs and love marks these wheels have been stiff and precise with no failure or issues of any kind. I'm thrilled with Light Bicycle's quality product and if I ever do need a replacement LB's at the top of the list. Yes they're more expensive than very capable alloy competition, but for light and durable carbon wheels they're an absolute bargain.

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You left out 9point8, which is a shame as it is by far the most reliable and has 175 and 200mm options to boot

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I agree that SRAM's handling of your issues was top shelf, and one day when my LB Chinese Carbon rims give out I'll likely get worse service than you experienced with these wheels. But I'm more than a year in on my substantially less expensive wheels, riding every bit as technical rocky stuff as what you've shown here and not had any twisted spokes, cracks or lamination failures.

I'm glad SRAM's committed to great service, but I think a quality product has to be expected as well. Sounds like this one needs to go back to the drawing board.

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MORE OF THIS! Classic.

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Slightly different question, same problem. Flash is really and truly dead, and also a terrifying security mess. As such, it's banned at work, and disabled on all my personal computers. Chrome on OSX with flash disabled won't play most of Vital's pre-roll ... more »

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nosemanual at mach stupid! that was sick!

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I hold onto my bikes for a long time. As in, at least 1 full drivetrain refresh, suspension/fork upgrade, and wheel swap. Maybe two. All of this happens over several years. My last frame was more than 10yo when I finally made the full jump to a totally ... more »

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I ended up building a pair of these:

Free standing, solid, and keeps the bikes up and out of the way but still accessible. Daily commuter and MTB up front. Road bike and Wife's bike ... more »