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Diaz Suspension Design RUNT

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 Diaz Suspension Design RUNT  Diaz Suspension Design RUNT
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The Goldilocks of Air Springs - DSD RUNT

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Supple off the top with the best mid-stroke support of any spring system I've ridden to date.

The Bad:

I can't get one for my Boxxer or 34, yet...

Overall Review:

I've been riding mountain bikes a long time. I had an original Marzocchi z1 when most other forks were using elastomers in the mid 90's. I've had at least 20 high end bikes between then and now, from DJ to trail to enduro to DH. On those bikes I've easily had 30 or more different forks and have had them in many configurations, always looking for that perfect feel. It's been an expensive and futile effort for the most part. Some forks have been better than others, and some have excelled in some aspects while sacrificing in other ways. Most recently I've been riding a 2019 170mm 36 on my SB150. I had run it stock, then with a Push ACS for about a year. I was a big fan of the ACS too but that had a few shortcomings for me. With the Push I felt I was in between springs. It also didn’t have enough ramp for me, even at max ramp pressure. Up until very recently I had ditched the DH bike and had been riding a Slash and then a SB150 as my enduro and DH/park bike. I could run what I felt was slightly under sprung (I fall well within their recommended weight rating for the green spring) and have the feel I wanted 90% of the time but it would run a bit deeper than I wanted when it got steep and chunky. My other choice was to ride the firmer black spring rated for way over my weight and have it beat up my hands in braking bumps and long runs.

Enter the Runt. I have not had too many air forks that I loved. Maybe I'm overly sensitive but the small bump on air springs just has not cut it for me in the past. The runt has changed that for me. Pretty much the only air spring I had ridden prior that I really liked was on a BOS DH fork. I've had 36's, 40's, Pikes, Lyriks, Boxxers, Ohlins and a few others in the past. With the Runt I'm running over 20 PSI less than I would with the standard Evol spring. I love the suppleness of that low pressure in beginning stroke. It's not quite as supple as the ACS with green spring but it's quite close enough that I'm satisfied. What the runt provides is the best mid stroke support of any fork I've ridden. The mid-stroke support is more on par with the over sprung ACS but with the suppleness of the softer spring off the top. It's the best of both worlds. Supple off the top but the runt rides extremely composed and high in its travel. I ended up going from the near closed end on compression settings to closer to the open end because the spring is so supportive. Bottom out resistance is smooth and progressive, unlike the feel off 3+ tokens that can feel like hitting a wall. Full travel does occur occasionally but it’s few and far between and never noticeable when it does. For reference I'm 185 lbs., running 58 PSI in the low chamber and 125 in the high chamber. For $200, it's well worth it. I've tried quite a few modifications and custom tunes over the years and I would say this has made the biggest difference in ride quality over all of them.

Diaz Runt review

The Good:

The Runt keeps my fork riding high in its travel by providing amazing mid-stroke support. My Lyrik rides better now than it ever has.

The Bad:

I'm now going to want one in every bike I own.

Overall Review:

I have Diaz's Runt setup on a V2 Transition Patrol and I can't say enough good things about Diaz and his product. I live in the Pacific Northwest and mostly enjoy riding trails that are steep, technical, and rough. Before installing the Runt I used to run a lot of low-speed compression (LSC) to keep my fork high in its travel. Running almost all my LSC made my suspension harsh but also gave me more control in steep, technical situations. The Runt's mid-stroke support allowed for me to completely back off my low speed compression while still keeping me high in my travel. My fork now feels more supple and rides dramatically better than it ever has. This product is great.


Product Diaz Suspension Design RUNT
Features The RUNT is a dual-chamber air spring system that threads into the top air chamber of your fork, replacing any volume spacers. The patent-pending design provides coil-spring-like performance from your air-sprung fork, creating a near linear compression curve while maintaining infinite adjustability.

Maintains your fork's original adjustments and adds:
  • Built-in tunable progression or “bottom out resistance”
  • Comes with shims to custom tune your damper to your body weight for most forks if desired

    RUNT Features:
  • Drop-in installation
  • Coil-like suppleness and mid-stroke support
  • Tunable progression via shock pump
  • Half the price and 1/2 lb lighter than coil conversions
  • Only 20 grams heavier than the same amount of tokens or spacers
  • Maintains your fork’s air-spring compatibility
  • Designed, tested, and manufactured in Durango, Colorado
  • Miscellaneous Compatible with:
  • RockShox Pike, Lyrik, Yari, and Revelation forks (35mm, Debonair and Solo Air, Charger 1 or Charger 2)
  • FOX 36 GRIP1, GRIP2, and FIT4 forks (2018 and newer)
  • Marzocchi Bomber Z1 forks
  • Price $200
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    Introducing The RUNT by Diaz Suspension Design

    Custom-Tuned Versus Stock Mountain Bike Suspension - Vital MTB Advanced Class

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