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Whilst all these points are very valid, why shouldn’t the UCI and red bull make the best TV show to cover the pinnacle of DH racing?
I have been a fan of DH for over 20 years and the coverage now is the best it has ever been.

But let’s take this year, we have only just got...more

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Shit happens, definitely not worthy of a dq, you are going race pace and slip up on a line, it wasn’t intentional and you are bound to mess up at some point even if it is small or big

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So there were two trucks head on, on a slightly steep hill but were both parked. The one higher on the hill had a flat tire and there was a rock pulling it from rolling down the hill along with it being in gear. The rock was in front of the deflated tire so they had to turn on the ignition to use their air pump but when they inflated the tire it rolled over the rock and pops into neutral and had a 15 foot Headstart and smashed into the car below it. Thankfully, No one was hurt but now they have to fix one of their really expensive shuttles and hand built a very expensive bike racks.

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I was riding at Windrock yesterday and some pros such as Richie were there. I overheard someone asking him if he was running 38s. I did not hear a yes or no, but more like a kinda/maybe. That was a yes for sure.