Guess Which Pro Is on This Trek World Racing Bike? 24

Who could it be? And who's next to him?

Guess Which Pro Is on This Trek World Racing Bike?

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  • clarry.butcher

    1/12/2013 11:31 PM

    brook mcdonald dummy

  • chan.leon2

    1/12/2013 8:37 PM

    omg i could recognize his hand is brook mcdonald yup Holy shit .

  • bikedude

    1/12/2013 9:42 AM

    gwin's old bike

  • Hyperpower!

    1/12/2013 5:20 AM

    Wonder what Mondrakers team line up will be, seeing both Ragot and Brook left that leaves only Spagnolo and Pekol...

  • Женя_Лянко

    1/12/2013 4:39 AM

    Mondraker- i want to enter your team

  • peterjamo4

    1/12/2013 4:14 AM

    brook macdonald!!1

  • Piotr_Staroń

    1/12/2013 3:50 AM

  • LeaW

    1/12/2013 3:48 AM

    Notice the Mondraker bike & tent (?) on the right !! :D

  • yvidal

    1/12/2013 3:18 AM

    This is a choper bike?! ^^

  • williamdh

    1/12/2013 3:07 AM

    Brook MacDonald!!

  • badch952

    1/11/2013 9:37 PM

    It's Brook!! saw him today when we were riding in Vagas (aka Rotorua).

  • Mike_Doucette

    1/11/2013 9:09 PM

    Ha! at first i was all like' look at those calves! it must be graves! Brook!

  • erwinmruiz

    1/11/2013 8:25 PM

    Looks like Brook MacDonald is on Trek World Racing,

  • beast

    1/11/2013 8:01 PM

    Brook for sure but the other? Wyn Master?

  • dREKwu

    1/11/2013 7:48 PM

    Brook MacDonald


    1/11/2013 7:46 PM

    thats the bulldog..

  • DHrider4521

    1/11/2013 7:43 PM

    Stevie Smith

  • hncreature

    1/11/2013 7:29 PM

    Just looking at the forearms gives it away! Good on ya Brook!

  • goldenwalt

    1/11/2013 7:27 PM

    "Bulldog, Bulldog, this is savoy six........"

  • anotherbikerguy

    1/11/2013 7:26 PM

    Brook MacDonald? Just guessing based on the Red Bull helmet and Oakley goggles. Other rider could be Markus Pekoll or Damien Spagnolo.... or anybody, really. With all the surprising signings these days I wouldn't be shocked if MS-Mondraker has a new rider or two.