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josh bryceland - 3:38.55
manon carpenter - 4:13.55

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I would say one lens while skiing would fog really bad, but with the open vents I'm not as sure. That sucks that the lenses are 50 bucks.

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I have Oakley MX O-frame goggles that I use for skiing and biking. For this particular model, Oakley sells a couple dual lenses. I think a persimmon and a clear. The lenses are pretty easy to swap out and I haven't had any fogging issues biking with ... more ยป

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anyone know what tires mitch was running?
Vital - will you be doing a winning bike article?

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cool! the first one is one of the only phone games i play

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WTF does that mean?!

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Mechanical disc brake? Dang

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is there a replay for this?

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Also you might want to check out Bearclaw Poppy / Green Valley Loop. The fun part you can shuttle. Starts with some drops and goes into a flowy lower section. Some fun side features if you look around. has a trail list too.

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bturman left a comment 5/6/2013 8:52 PM

No worries at all! See you on the trails.

Added a comment to bturman's profile 5/4/2013 10:29 PM

Hey man.
Thanks for the reply about my post. I ended up deleting it shortly after posting for several reasons. I thought it sounded too negative, went too far suggesting someone getting paid off, etc. I went back and read the review again and thought it was very matter of fact and objective, which I do appreciate.
I have read and enjoyed all the bike reviews and it is nice to hear an honest opinion, from people not afraid to rank something low or give an honest opinion.
I apologize for the post and feel like it wasn't really me and was done in haste. Keep up the good work. If you're ever looking to ride in northern-ish Utah let me know.

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bturman left a comment 5/3/2013 12:04 PM

Cheers for the note about the Ibis. We hear you. Without the break or contact issue we'd of rated the bike in the 2.5 star range. With it... obviously much less.

There wasn't any funny business, they aren't advertisers, and we weren't bribed in any way. In fact, Ibis asked us repeatedly not to run the review, but we still did. They also begged that we didn't show the crack photos, but we still did. I think you'll find it really rare to find reviews that not only call out the issue, but also include real evidence of said issues. There's too much bro-ing down in this industry and not enough objectiveness. We hope to fix that.

Anywho, carry on man. We appreciate your criticism.

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