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Landon, we feel it'd be pretty significant, and have been asking Scott to make the change for several years. For the reasons you mention and others mentioned in the review, there's no doubt in our minds that this bike could drastically improve if Scott were to ditch the TwinLoc system. We'd also suggest the largest volume spacer from FOX to add some much needed progression to the rear end.

Cheers bud. Thanks for reading.

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Here we go again! Before you know it September 6-11 will be upon us, and a fresh set of UCI Downhill World Champions will be crowned in Val di Sole, Italy. Let this forum topic serve as a place to see and post teams from across the world. Up first, the

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Started new thread It's Always The Little Crashes That Get You - What's Your Story? 7/27/2016 4:45 PM

Why does it seem small crashes are some of the worst? One day you'll be casually riding along at a trailhead, on smooth section of singletrack, or a trail you've ridden dozen of times when "WHAM!" You're on the ground without a clue of what just happened.

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A quick demonstration of the new Crankbrothers Highline adjustable seatpost.

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Cheers for the feedback. We replaced the Red Bull player with the Youtube version.

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That fresh Patrol with a Metric Super Deluxe is looking mighty fine! Hoping the new shock tech makes its way into the rest of the line.

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Updated photo album Tested: Öhlins RXF 34 Fork - Bonus Gallery 7/25/2016 1:34 PM

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Added reply in a thread How will #Brexit affect mtb races and the mtb industry? 7/25/2016 9:22 AM

Brexit leads to bike price hikes with Raleigh leading the charge:

Added a comment about product review 2016 Test Sessions: Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp Carbon 650B 7/25/2016 8:57 AM

This bike for $3,000 is a steal, especially considering you'll likely get good shop service to go along with it. It's an excellent introduction to how much fun full suspension can be. The frame will last you years, as will most of the components. If you're a heavier rider (175lbs+) you may see some early wear on the items mentioned in the review, however.

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Who know a simple bent spoke could prevent so much frustration? I can't do without this tool.

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BAM! Don't buy them all. I want one too.

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Rumors abound about the potential closing of Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ray's parks feature a wide variety of wood features, including skatepark sections, pumptracks, skinnies, cross-country loops, and more. Many see them as an incredible way

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We appreciate you riding our hubs!

If your drive-side end cap keeps sliding off too easily it could be two things:

1. If it's an early version of our Torch hub with the single row FH bearing, we changed the axle spec and DS endcap to eliminate this. This would be early...more

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It's difficult to tell what type of plugs are included with the Rhythm Plus grips by looking at photos online, so I'll cover the basics. Most bar plugs get pushed into the bar. Sometimes it's necessary to whack it with a mallet.

Some lock-on ... more »
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They may reduce the number of times it would occur, though it'd still happen due to mechanicals and the lack of qualifiers in beginner/intermediate/expert classes. Pros often get a full minute or more, depending on the venue. If everyone got a minute, ... more »

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It wasn't long after I got this rig that I felt Cam Zink's pain:

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He was probably late because the line to the porta-potty he was in was longer than expected. You know, since you can't just piss in the woods without getting fined.

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There are various technologies. Most strain gauges are either piezoelectric elements or thin patterned metal lines. The piezoelectric elements work by generating a voltage in response to change....more

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