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Added a new video Trail Hunter - Matt Hunter and Friends Explore Sun Valley, Idaho 4/20/2015 8:31 PM

Matt Hunter and his friends plan a trip every year to reconnect and ride. This year, the group elected to meet in the Sawtooth Range outside of Sun Valley, Idaho. Few places embody the heart of the American West like the Sawtooth. Rugged, wild, and ever changing, it's the perfect place to crack a beer, earn your rides, and laugh with great friends when it's over. Music: “Victory,” by Trampled By Turtles

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Added reply in a thread Does vital have a snapchat? 4/20/2015 2:58 PM

We do not. Sorry amigo!

Added a new video Destination Trail - Mountain Biking in Maui, Hawaii with Ropelato and Benedict 4/20/2015 2:44 PM

Welcome to Destination Trail, a series that follows riders as they the travel the globe, hunting for its greatest trails. Some of what they find might be renowned, some undiscovered. But that's the point. When expectations and attitudes are stripped away, only the essence of mountain biking remains. This is where adventure thrives. And it's here that memories are made. In this episode, Brad Benedict and Mitch Ropelato raise anchor and head for Maui. The intent was to ride the storied trails of the Makawao Forest, but after a storm made for some unrideable conditions, discovering epic one-off trails, skeptically swimming around waterfalls, and hot-dogging it on scooters is what they actually got.

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Updated photo album 2015 Sea Otter Classic Pit Bits 4/19/2015 10:57 AM

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Added a comment about photo Logan Peat's Prototype Santa Cruz Slopestyle Bike 4/18/2015 8:03 AM

Santa Cruz posted up some photos of the build process. Check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/santacruzbicycles/posts/820318581355069

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Added a new photo album 2015 Sea Otter Classic Pit Bits 4/17/2015 8:50 AM

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I did not win but thank you so much Vital MTB for to be in this contest. much appreciate

Added a new slideshow First Look: Gravity GRID Trail/Enduro Components 4/16/2015 8:57 AM

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Added a product blog First Look: 2016 Intense M16 Downhill Bike - The Next Gen of M 4/15/2015 9:32 AM

If a person were to ask what the most iconic downhill bike is, something in the Intense Cycles M-Series would surely top the list. Ever since the M1's pure dominance in the late 1990s and early 2000s under the likes of Shaun Palmer, Chris Kovarik, and Sam Hill, the M-Series...more

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Liked a comment on the item Loic Bruni's Lapierre DH Team 4/14/2015 2:31 PM

I can't tell you exactly what pressure Bruni runs, but I can tell you that most of the riders I spoke to about Procore mentioned that it's more about a little extra protection for the rim and a stronger tubeless seat and less about running...more

Added a product blog First Look: Kore Stronghold Narrow/Wide Chainrings and Mega Range Sprockets 4/13/2015 7:44 PM

Narrow/wide chainrings rule. Pioneered by SRAM just a few years ago, competition over this component has lead to better prices and new ideas. Dropped chains still occur, however, which is why Kore decided to take a another look at the design. Today they're pleased to...more

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Added a new video THE SYNDICATE - Episode 1 at Lourdes, France 4/13/2015 6:01 PM

Picking up where from where This Is Peaty left off, the first episode of THE SYNDICATE web series is now live! Watch as Ratboy, Greg, and Peaty prepare for the 2015 season, and race the first World Cup at Lourdes, France.

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Added a comment about feature Over $2000 in Prizes - Vital OTB, Lourdes World Cup - Win a RockShox BoXXer and Birzman Studio Tool Kit 4/13/2015 4:57 PM

Congrats to GusV, the winner of the Lourdes World Cup OTB contest, RockShox BoXXer World Cup fork and Birzman Studio Tool Kit!

Of 577 entries, only one person correctly guessed that both Gwin and Ragot would win. That person was GusV, whose predictions were off by a combined time of 11.28 seconds. Nice work!

We'll have several more OTB contests throughout the season, so check back often.

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Added a product blog First Look: SR Suntour's 20-Inch Axon Werx Fork for the Groms 4/13/2015 2:18 PM

Kids bikes have come a long way in recent years, and in turn kids are pushing harder and progressing faster than ever, requiring performance suspension to follow and meet their small stature. SR Suntour’s passion for riding bikes and ability to do what many cannot have...more

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Added a new video Introducing SR Suntour's 20-Inch Axon Werx Fork 4/13/2015 2:04 PM

Visit www.srsuntour-cycling.com for more details.

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Added a news story FLY Racing Teams Up with KHS Factory Team 4/13/2015 1:17 PM

Press Release

FLY Racing is proud to officially announce they have teamed up with the KHS Factory Racing team. KHS Factory riders Logan Binggeli, Kevin Aiello, and Quinton Spaulding will wear select FLY Racing MTB products throughout the 2015 and 2016 downhill seasons, including the...more

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Added a new video Jeremy McGrath and Mitch Ropelato Let It Rip 4/13/2015 11:38 AM

Whipping through trails on dirt bikes and those of the self-powered variety, 7-Time AMA Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath and MTB specialist Mitch Ropelato prove that if it has two wheels, they can rally it.

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