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Maybe Nico Vouilloz will show up?

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If money weren't an object, what upgrades or modifications would you make to your suspension to help it perform as best as possible?

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Also, what are some of the best and worst ghetto fixes/mods you've made to your bikes over the years? I remember when you JB Welded a schrader air valve from a tube into your coil sprung Boxxer, for example.

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Dave, what does a typical day of testing for a new suspension product/prototype involve for Rock Shox? What metrics do you try to quantify and how?

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Cheers, bud! Appreciate the feedback.

Here's a Vital review of the Guerrilla Gravity Megatrail from when it first launched:,7/Guerrilla-Gravity/2014-Megatrail,14284#product-reviews/1695/expand

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While preparing for another year of Vital MTB's Test Sessions- a massive yearly effort where we test nearly 20 of the raddest new trail bikes - it came across my mind that we should ask you, our readers, what it is that you find most helpful when it comes to making

... more »

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My name is Brandon. I live in a RV, traveling from riding spot to riding spot with my amazing gal and our trail dog in training.

Several years ago, after high school let out from another day of class I walked outside I saw one of my friends ... more »

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Watch in full screen and 4K for maximum awesomeness. You guys crushed it, Harrison and Cam!

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You might also try a pair of pliers. When I remove pins (pretty rare), I usually remove pins near the center of the pedal first, which helps keep that nice concave shape.

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Valid question. There isn't a lack of MTBers on Vital MTB. It's actually the largest of all the Vital sites. Priorities are just a bit different for our users. We really do appreciate guys like yourself being active in the forum, however, so thank you! ... more »

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This seems like an appropriate time to link to IMBA's new e-bike survey: Send them your thoughts, for or against.

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Every participant had better be in costume.

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Every 30 days we award the Top User Reviewer with a little prize. This month Jenson USA pitched in a $100 gift card! Vital MTB member Arkstormearned the Top Reviewer spot with one very solid review. Here's a recap:

Kore Repute Stem- "So a stem is probably not the sexiest bike component...more

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Steel for the win.

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I like the way you think. Unfortunately December weather can be a real gamble in most of the US. Here are some spots worth checking out: Sedona, AZ Phoenix, AZ San Diego, CA Laguna Beach, CA Santa Barbara, CA San Luis Obispo, CA Santa Cruz, CA Boulder ... more »

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Following a major spine injury at this year's Red Bull Rampage event, support for Paul Basagoitia continues to grow. Here's an opportunity to help out by bidding on an incredible print of Paul riding by photographer Justin Olsen. Justin and Scott share some words on...more

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Cheers for chiming in, Gauner. Appreciate your perspective and the added ride impressions from your time in Moab

You nailed it when you said, "Is it perfect? no." As reviewers we can't just rate bikes on their fun level (although that'd be fun in itself!). If we did, that $20 beach cruiser you have rusting away in your side yard would be a 5-star ride. See what I mean? We loved the Timp. It just needs a few things dialed in for it to really shine...

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Right, theres always more than one way to skin a cat, I would be curious to see back to back comparisons between both products, see which is more accurate, and which is more easily used with their corresponding app.