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Now then, where the Eddie Masters test on this?

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Amazing Mart, soooo cool to see that. Good work everyone involved in making Mart smile like that :-)

Liked a comment on the item Inspirational: A Paralyzed Martyn Ashton Rides Again in 'Back on Track' 7/4/2015 11:54 AM

This is the best video that has been produced in a while, not for the riding but for the pure human element. There is nothing better in life than overcoming insurmountable odds just to do what you love with people that matter. Huge respect to all the...more

Added a comment about slideshow World Cup Downhill Photo Action Lenzerheide 7/3/2015 9:50 AM

Hey bud, thanks for the heads up. Try clearing your cache and reloading the page. Look for a "Clear Browsing Data" button under the Chrome or File menu.

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Added a news story Santa Cruz Bicycles Sold to Pon Holdings - What's Next? 7/3/2015 9:06 AM

Pon Holdings, a Dutch conglomerate, has just purchased Santa Cruz Bicycles (and Juliana) for an undisclosed amount. Pon also owns Cervélo, Focus, Gazelle, Union, Kalkhoff, Univega, Rixe and BBB Cycling.

What does it mean for the future of the brand? Co-founder Rob Roskopp will...more

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bturman added a feature story Earn $100 at Jenson USA for Your Vital MTB Member Reviews 7/2/2015 2:10 PM

Every 30 days, we award the Top User Reviewer with a little prize. This month Jenson USA pitched in a $100 gift card! Vital MTB member pdawgz earned the Top Reviewer spot with this review:

2014 GT Fury Expert Bike - "I've had this bike for a good few months and have been...more

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Added a new video Inspirational: A Paralyzed Martyn Ashton Rides Again in 'Back on Track' 7/2/2015 9:42 AM

​After sustaining a life changing injury in 2013, Martyn Ashton, mountain bike and Road Bike Party legend, is back on track. It was universally believed that Martyn would never again walk or ride a bike, but he had other ideas. He has overcome incredible odds and simply had to film it and share with us. Join him on an inspirational ride through the Snowdonia mountains with his friends Danny MacAskill, Chris Akrigg and Blake Samson.

Using a Mojo Nicolai Geometron, a near-standard mountain bike with the major modification of having a sit ski chair adapted to fit where the bike’s saddle usually lives, the four friends went for a bike ride like no other.

Martyn tells us about his experience: "Of course I have questioned if I’ll walk again, and I don’t know if I will or not. But with riding a mountain bike, for whatever reason, it was always ‘how are we going to do it’. Never riding a bike again? Well, that never came up," says Ashton.

"I’ve been riding bikes for so long that I think it defines my life. Riding is such a natural thing to me – it’s who I am. I’m not willing to let go of it despite the situation. All of us who ride bikes – whatever level it is – has the same feeling when they start riding: the exhilaration of riding. The freedom. For some of us that sticks and never goes away. And for me, it’s like that."

“Being able to mountain bike again feels like I’ve got something back that a higher power took away. I feel like I’ve cheated the game and that feels… triumphant."

"As soon as they’ve pushed me off at the top of the summit, I was no longer the guy in a wheelchair: we were four mountain bikers riding together and we were having so much fun; I was having the best time I’ve ever had on a bike. Genuinely."

Music: Coasts - A Rush Of Blood

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The Monarch Plus Debonair is indeed compatible with the Bottomless Rings shown in this feature.

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Added a new video It's World Cup Preview Time! Claudio Blasts Down Fresh Tracks at Lenzerheide 7/1/2015 10:34 AM

This weekend's Downhill World Cup is being held in Lenzerheide, Switzerland. The new venue has a fresh race course that Claudio Caluori can't wait to show you (and scream about!). Join him and Marcelo Gutierrez as they take you on a wild ride...

WIN A SRAM X01 DH Drivetrain - Vital OTB

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Added a comment about slideshow First Look: 2016 Orbea Occam AM 27.5 and TR 29 Bikes 6/30/2015 4:02 PM

Valid question. Answer here, in addition to some other neat comparisons to the previous Occam 29:

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Added a new video Video Comparison of RockShox Bottomless Rings in a Monarch Shock 6/30/2015 2:26 PM

​Bottom out your rear shock too easily? Wish it rode higher in the travel? RockShox Monarch shocks offer the ability to adjust how much the air spring ramps up using red colored volume spacers known as Bottomless Rings. These Rings add bottom-out support and alter the ride height, which can be great for aggressive riders.

We rode multiple trails at the Whistler Bike Park with two and five Bottomless Rings installed in a Monarch RT3 shock on a 115mm rear travel Transition Smuggler. This side-by-side video shows the impact they have on a shock's suspension performance. All other settings were kept consistent with the air pressure set to 160psi, open compression, and 0-clicks of rebound (clicks are from closed). The test rider weighs 175-pounds.

To learn more about Bottomless Rings, how to install them, and how to choose a number that's just right, be sure to watch our in-depth RockShox tuning feature. This video is an extended version of the videos you'll see there.

Visit www.rockshox.com for more details, and visit your local dealer to pick up some Rings of your own. Happy tuning!

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Added a new video Don't Look Down! Road Biking Narrow Ledges, Abandoned Airplanes and More 6/30/2015 9:09 AM

What happens when you give former World Champion Trials rider and Guinness Record Holder Vittorio Brumotti a road bike? Road Bike Freestyle 2 shows the Italian trials superstar taking it up another notch. This video is wild!

Martyn Ashon's Road Bike Party inspired Brumotti to change his trials riding to using a road bike and take it to a whole new level, showing off his incredible riding skills. From the Tinkoff Saxo team bus, to Italian quarries via the Californian sunshine, Road Bike Freestyle 2 showcases Vittorio's incredible riding around the world. Want more? Watch Brumotti's first road bike video.

Vittorio rides a Montante bike with FSA components, Vision wheels and Crank Brothers pedals. Thanks to Expo Milan 2015 and Livigno for help with locations and the rest of Brumotti's sponsors, EICMA, Tinkoff Saxo, Multipower, Lotto, Hot Wheels, Sportful, SBS, Carrera, Limar, Incomedia and City Time for their support.

Music: Wild River - Tijuana Bibles.

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We're certainly enjoying it! Here are some photos and video of the Smuggler in action: http://www.vitalmtb.com/photos/features/How-To-Get-The-Most-Out-Of-Your-RockShox-Suspension,9020/Slideshow,0/bturman,109

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Thank you!!! I'll order one and add my thoughts on it...

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Added a new video This is What it Feels Like to Podium in Whistler - Remy Metailler POV 6/19/2015 11:08 PM

Since when did Whistler Bike Park install time warp machines? Watch as Rémy Métailler lights the hill on fire with an incredibly quick run during the June 17th Phat Wednesday downhill race.

Can you believe that Rémy thought he rode too conservatively?! He ended up taking 4th in the race, just ahead of Troy Brosnan and 3.1 seconds off of Chris Kovarik. Now that's a stacked field of riders!

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I'm impressed by your enthusiasm.

Re-read my comment with the graph. I don't disagree with you about how a volume change at the same starting pressure will alter the spring rate.

However, the slope (aka spring rate) does indeed change when you up the air pressure. Let's do some very basic math, using the nice orange and red dots at the 2-inch travel mark on the 4-inch chamber lines as an easy reference point.

Rise / Run = Slope

The 4-inch chamber with 200psi rises from 200lbs at 0-inches to 400lbs at 2-inches.
The 4-inch chamber with 100psi rises from 100lbs at 0-inches to 200lbs at 2-inches.

400lbs - 200lbs = 200lbs
200lbs - 100lbs = 100lbs

200lbs (rise) / 2in (run) = 100lbs/in
100lbs (rise) / 2in (run) = 50lbs/in

While they may look "more or less parallel," they're far from it.

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I'm a Freerider junkie but I'll be giving these a try... Thanks!