A New Kind of Winning with Duncan Riffle 8

Winning can come in all forms. Sure there is the top of the podium, but there is also the kind of winning that Duncan Riffle exposes in his new DH racing technique. Stop mid-run, shotgun a beer, continue to the finish.

Another angle courtesy of Dustan Sept from Norco

Credit: Scene
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  • bradleyjreece

    12/9/2012 6:08 PM

    I wouldn't call this "winning". I'd like to see Riffle actually win a race instead of a fashion contest or mustache waxing competition. This guy seemed really focused and on it at one point, but the results just don't seem to be there. Id' be stoked to see him on WC podium at some point.

  • geoff.hodson

    8/21/2012 9:50 PM

    I'm the dude in the tights, i cant decide if this is the worst thing ever that its on the internet. or the best

  • Scrub

    8/21/2012 10:26 PM

    Mork from Ork called, he wants his suspenders back..lol

  • CaptyvateMedia

    8/21/2012 9:14 PM

    new found respect for this lad.

  • SpokeApparel

    8/21/2012 6:26 PM

    people are hard on this guy for what reason i don't know. cool move. really fun.

  • UpDawg

    8/21/2012 12:24 PM

    the mikey haderer approach to winning

  • Reality Check

    8/21/2012 10:57 AM

    I take back everything bad I've ever said about Duncan Riffle, he is the ultimate Reality Check.

  • Scrub

    8/21/2012 10:08 AM

    Alcohol is expensive in Canada, so I see no reason why you woundn't want to stop for a free beer with a few race fans. Pure Gold!

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