2011 Red Bull Joyride Slopestyle Course Walk at Crankworx with Cam McCaul 17

Cameron McCaul runs you through the man-sized slopestyle course featured at the 2011 Red Bull Joyride event. With plenty of options for riders, this course requires strategy, mental strength and the ability to ride hips both ways. It's going to be a good show!

Credit: Long Nguyen
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  • Mumbuff

    7/16/2011 4:23 AM

    A slopestyle course should really have at least one flat drop....

  • socnick

    7/15/2011 7:54 AM

    Be sweet to see Cam get to the podium this year.

  • Scott_Townes

    7/14/2011 4:18 PM

    Aside from the cabin, it looks almost identical to the drawing... remember they only showed the two completely new lines with the third looking like the salad bowl/road gap from times before. I really cannot see how anyone is disappointed in a course that would make them shit their pants upon seeing it.

  • cruzian

    7/14/2011 3:24 PM

    they should call it the stabbin' cabin.

  • Airik

    7/14/2011 8:14 AM

    That looks really dangerous to ride. I like opposide Stuff, but hitting a oppo hip to speed up for a 28feet dishsender, scarrrryyyyy. And rocks in the gap, are you serious ?

  • Balfaboy

    7/13/2011 9:48 PM

    The coarse is crazy and even bigger in person. Shit is going to get roudy!!

  • pholange

    7/13/2011 9:07 PM

    nice work, long.

  • Chett

    7/13/2011 6:12 PM

    FreeForAll, agreed it's just another lame dirt jump contest.

  • vathana.song

    7/13/2011 11:13 AM

    Cam is the man. I like the "Shag Cabin".

  • scriz

    7/13/2011 9:21 AM

    Looks very well constructed and some of those gaps are looking mighty big. I think this will be a solid evolution with more line choices and the need to keep good speed and flow to link everything up.

  • ryMY

    7/13/2011 8:54 AM

    The cool thing to see though, is that in years past, you would have been able to look at the rider list and take a good handful of people who would have some major troubles with jumps like the hip into satellite dish. Looking at the list right now, pretty much everyone is on the same level of riding and has a equally big bag of tricks as the next rider. Going to be an eventful show I would say.

  • ryMY

    7/13/2011 8:48 AM

    Compare as you will:


    The OG course drawings were a little better then the course that is built, but that is how it goes sometimes. It definitely looks a lot better then years past, that's for sure! The main let down for me is them not building the multiple lines on the shed... that, and the hip section in the drawings would have been way more entertaining then how they actually built it.

  • madbull666

    7/13/2011 7:56 AM

    abi-hip-stress. i dig. this will be gnar, cant wait

  • veach

    7/13/2011 7:53 AM

    Great tour of the coarse! Looks like it's going to be alot of fun to watch and fun for the riders too

  • csermonet

    7/13/2011 6:48 AM

    I don't know who was plugging this as a big mountain contest? Its Red Bull Joyride, its a reincarnation of an old contest. And I think they hit the nail on the head in regards to that. I personally am just not that big of a fan of slopestyle, Rampage is moar better. Will be fun to watch though, as always. The course does look gnarlier in this video than it did in other pictures and drawings. 28 ft gap out of the satellite dishes, that should be pretty sweet.

  • FreeForAll

    7/13/2011 6:10 AM

    I feel ripped off. How does that, in any way, bring big mountain and park skills to a SS course? That might be big and well put together but it's just like any other slopestyle course. Just glorified dirtjumps. I'd go as far as to say they're further from their goal here than they were in years past without even trying.

  • That-Norco-Dude

    7/13/2011 5:50 AM

    I had way more high hopes for this course the way they played it up...

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