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6D ATB-1T Open Face Helmet (discontinued)

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First Look: 6D Helmets ATB-1T


6D has been pushing the envelope in the category of noggin safety for action sports since 2011 with the introduction of their exclusive ODS (Omni-Directional Suspension) technology in their helmets. Last year, we had the opportunity to test their first downhill-specific offering, the ATB-1 full face. After being thoroughly impressed with the level of safety and innovation that went into the ATB-1, when we spotted a prototype three-quarter lid during last year's Interbike, we were happy to see the technology trickle down to a helmet with a broader range of potential users. That said, we finally got the official word from 6D that the new ATB-1T three-quarter coverage MTB helmet is now available. Check out the details and PR from 6D, below.

From 6D:

Brea, Ca – 6D Helmets LLC, the worldwide helmet technology leader is proud to announce the arrival of their new ATB-1T trail helmet. The ATB-1T is the world’s first ¾ coverage MTB helmet utilizing 6D’s revolutionary Omni-Directional Suspension™ (ODS™) technology. An engineering masterpiece, the ATB-1T has been painstakingly crafted to deliver all of the exceptional benefits of ODS into a lightweight and compact trail helmet. The ATB-1T reduces the transfer of angular acceleration force by means of its 3-dimensional displacement and shearing capability of the ODS system when subject to impacts. Low-threshold energy accelerations are also dramatically reduced, providing a more forgiving helmet over a much broader range of energy demands. The ATB-1T is designed and suitable for all MTB riding activities except downhill.

The ATB-1T is available in 6 distinct color options in sizes Medium-Large (55-59cm). Sizes XS-Small and XL-XXL will be available early summer.

The ATB-1T is certified to exceed CPSC 16CFR 1203 and EN 1078 standards.

Available Colors

  • Matte Black/Matte Yellow
  • Matte Grey/Gloss White
  • Matte Black
  • Gloss Blue/Matte Black
  • Gloss Neon Orange/Matte Grey
  • Matte White


6D ATB-1T Helmet Features

  • Patented Omni-Directional Suspension™ (ODS™) technology reduces angular acceleration force and dramatically improves low-threshold energy compliance
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • 3 Shell sizes – XS - XXL
  • Modular ODS carrier system
  • Replaceable inner EPS* (Contact 6D Helmets for details)
  • Exceptional flow-through ventilation
  • Ratcheting retention fit system
  • Fidlock™ chinstrap closure
  • Moisture wicking / washable / anti-bacterial comfort liner
  • Adjustable visor
  • Eyewear and goggle compatible
  • Weight: 475 grams +/ - 50 grams (ours tested to 500 grams on the dot)
  • 1-year limited warranty

  • MSRP - $269.95

Note the two separate layers of EPS foam.

At the core of 6D's new helmet is their unique ODS system. The system works by utilizing two separate layers of EPS foam with small air gap between them. The two layers are connected byan array of elastomeric isolation dampers. These hourglass-shaped dampers work to slow the impact time, and thus the energy transferred to the head in the event of a crash. 6D has found the system to be effective for a wide range of forces, including low, medium and high velocity impacts for both linear and angular accelerations.

An inside look at the two layers apart and the damper system that joins them.

Packing all that tech into a trail helmet without it making you look like a bobble-head was tough, but 6D said that creating a helmet that wasn't big and bulky, yet exceeds several safety stands was important to them. We think they pulled it off nicely. The ATB-1T is comparable in size to some of the other leading three-quarter coverage helmets currently on the market.

A comparison in size between the ATB-1T and two other 3/4 coverage helmets.

6D has also made use of a Fidlock™ closure system to secure the chinstrap, replacing the traditional snap-buckle or D-ring systems. The Fidlock™ system automatically closes (from almost any direction) by the use of magnets, but will only release when you laterally slide the two sides apart. At first, we were a bit confused by the system but after looking at it, it's incredibly simple and easy to use, as well as extremely fast to take on and off.


Whether you just ride with glasses or if goggles are your thing, 6D made sure the ATB-1T fits comfortably. The helmet is nicely shaped to accommodate a goggle strap and has enough room around the ears to make room for your glasses.


Please visit for additional information.

A New Player in the Trail Helmet Game

Rating: Featured Member Review
The Good:

Quiet, does not squeak or rattle like MIPS. Comfort was a priority for 6D on this and it shows.

The Bad:

Weight is a touch higher than most.

Overall Review:

Beautiful Day testing the ATB

There's been an increasing demand for helmets equipped with concussion reduction technology, and there has historically been one option for that technology – MIPS. MIPS seemingly took the bicycle helmet industry by storm a few years back, but we now have a new player producing some amazing helmets. 6D has been manufacturing helmets used in motocross and BMX for a while, and has finally ventured into mountain bike with the ATB-1T. This helmet uses a system they are calling ODS, or Omni-Directional Suspension.  It's similar to MIPS, but it's executed a bit differently. The system basically creates a ball-in-socket from the inner and outer shell, with 27 elastic isolation dampers connecting the two EPS Foam layers. The benefit is that it cuts down on rotational forces like MIPS, but unlike MIPS, I've never noticed any noise or rattling from the ATB-1T.

One of the first things you notice about the helmet is the weight.  It is heavier than my Bell Super 2 MIPS that I had been riding prior. However, once the helmet is on your head, the weight is less noticeable, mostly due to a fantastic retention system. The buckle is a nice touch as well. It's a magnetic system called Fidlock that automatically locks together, and allows for quick, one-handed connection of the buckle.

I find that a warm day is best when getting a feel for a new helmet, since it allows one to experience the ventilation and wicking performance. Luckily I was able to give the helmet a solid shake down in approximately 75-degree weather on exposed, sunny trails.  The padding does a good job of wicking the sweat away from the eyes, and while it has fewer vents than my Bell Super, my head didn't feel any warmer in the ATB-1T.  The added weight of the helmet disappeared as I was riding, whether I was climbing or descending.

The 6D cruising down Porcupine Rim

Comparing this helmet to the Super 2, the difference is definitely noticeable.  Weight aside, the 6D is a larger helmet, overall.  I currently own a large Super 2, and the 6D is a M/L, which puts me at the top end of the size range.  I wouldn't want to size up to the XL/XXL due to the increased size of the shell on the 6D.

Although I appreciate the added protection, one of my biggest complaints about MIPS helmets has been the noise.  Noise is not something that one usually thinks about when it comes to a helmet, but after riding a POC Trabec Race MIPS and the Super MIPS, I have found that the plastic MIPS layer can rub against the inside of the helmet, which creates a distracting squeak while riding.  The 6D has not developed any noise in the few weeks I have been riding it, and is far more comfortable on my head. After spending the early season in the ATB-1T, my take is that this helmet would be a great option for someone looking for a comfortable, well-ventilated helmet that provides maximum protection when you're on the trail.

The best protection but comes at a cost (more than money)

The Good:

Highest level or protection (in the world for AM helmets)

The Bad:

Very Pricey Very Heavy

Overall Review:

Let me be the first to day that I do not own this helmet. I have only tried it on during a very extensive comparison review before purchasing one. With all of this off my chest, here were my thoughts on the ATB helmet.

I was very impressed with the amount of detail that went in the helmet. The paint, pads, and overall design were done very well. The thing that really sets this helmet and any 6D helmets apart is the protection they offer. A lot of research and design has gone into them and because of that, they come at a very high price. Having a highly responsible role in my families life, I had talked myself into justifying such a price tag. If it keeps you alive, its worth it. The thing that really steered me into another direction was how heavy the ATB was (especially for an AM helmet). Compared to the other highest end helmets in it's category, the ATB was flat out the heaviest.

I decided to go with a Smith Rover w MIPS. It was super light, fit my head extremely well, and offered acceptable protection compared to the ATB. Hope all this helps.


Product 6D ATB-1T Open Face Helmet
Riding Type Trail
Rider Unisex
Number of Vents 15 air scavenging transfer ports for maximum ventialtion
Construction ODS (Omni-Directional Suspension) Technology
Shell – Polycarbonate
Replaceable Inner EPS
Adjustable Fitment System
Shear-away visor screws
Eyewear and goggle compatible
Adjustable // removable visor
Adjustable Padding Moisture wicking // Washable // Anti-bacterial comfort liner
Certification Exceeds CPSC 16, CFR 1203 and EN 1078 standrds
Bag No
Size XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL
Colors Matte Black/Matte Yellow; Matte Grey/Gloss White; Matte Black; Gloss Blue/Matte Black; Gloss Neon Orange/Matte Grey; Matte White
Weight 1 lb 0.8 oz (475 g)
Miscellaneous 1-year limited warranty
Price $269.95
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